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3/ The Peg House, Leggett, CA The Summer of Love returns to the California redwoods: back-to-the-Earth groove, live music, and a barbecue that grills lustfully juicy bacon cheeseburgers.
I suppose there could be some sort of Lady Gaga metaphor buried deep inside this video: Does Gaga hang lustfully out of her window because she's like Juliet and wants Romeo to climb up and push her over her 'edge of glory'?
Marie Touzeau (2), a former student of Flockart, reinforced the view of Wood as a competent musician saying that he sang very lustfully in assembly and that among an almost all-female teaching staff he had a 'lovely singing voice, and of course [he was] the only man there for a long time
So too in Sophocles, the gift of the beast carries lust and revenge; when Nessus, carrying Deianeira across a flooded river, "touched her lustfully," Herakles shot him, a reflex of the lustful touch.
But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart'.
Characters in plays no longer killed themselves, but rather openly and lustfully claimed their raging sexual desire for other women.
Big bucks would be hitting the shade early instead of lustfully sniffing out does.
For a few weak moments he lustfully considers human Eve "divinely fair, fit love for gods" (IX; 489), but then steels himself to his task of leading her to ruin.
But others gawp lustfully at it, and I'm with them here.
In Pavlovian fashion, the chef salivates at every mention of alcohol, lustfully wiping or licking his lips (CSS 573-574).
Audiences also jeered a scene in which Marian seduces the wife of an SS officer and she lustfully shouts "Jew" as they make love.