Lump sum

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Lump sum

A large one-time payment of money.

Lump Sum

A large amount of money one spends at once, especially to make a large purchase. For example, if a house costs $175,000, and the buyer pays the total amount up front, the buyer is said to make a lump sum payment.

Lump sum.

A lump sum is an amount of money you pay or receive all at once rather than in increments over a period of time.

For example, you buy an immediate annuity with a single lump-sum payment. If you receive the face value of a life insurance policy when the insured person dies, or receive the full value of your retirement account, those payments are also lump sums.

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In the case of termination payments, the lump-sum payment represents the present value of all the future, interim payments to be made or received under the contract.
A plan participant would accumulate lump-sum credits, as explained below, analogous to a traditional final average pay defined benefit plan.
Hence, much of the explanatory power that the age variable brings to the model may be picked up in the earnings variables themselves in the year of the distribution and average 5-year specifications, resulting in a smaller observed effect of age on lump-sum choice when using earnings for the year of the distribution or 5-year average earnings.
Nineteen of 35 other state lotteries offer a lump-sum choice.
The percentage of lump-sum payments found in manufacturing settlements declined in 1991 yet continued to outnumber those in non-manufacturing.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- CB&I (NYSE:CBI) has been awarded a lump-sum contract to provide a gas processing and treating complex in Cabinda Province, Angola, for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd.
As long as no legal document releasing her claim is executed calling for the lump-sum payment, there should be no constructive receipt on these facts.
Seven top MTA officials were given lump-sum bonus payments a month ago ranging from $2,500 to $4,375 - including two recently promoted executives who were given bonuses, a promotional pay hike and an earlier 3 percent cost-of-living raise, the agency said.
Anyone planning to change jobs or retire in 1993 and take a lump-sum distribution from his or her employer's qualified retirement plan should watch out.
Lump-sum payments continued to decline, falling to 12 percent of contracts reported in 1991, a drop of 4 percentage points from 1990, and 11 percentage points from 1989.
Many individuals, however, are presented with a lump-sum life insurance benefit which must be invested based on uncertainties, such as interest rates, to make the money last.
As this section converts lump-sum benefits into annuity form, the effect was to make equal lump-sum accruals into unequal annuity accruals at different ages.