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Any class of spots that run in a unique time period, with a unique rotation or unique rights attached to it (e.g., different levels of preemptibility, different make-good rights, etc.), will have a different lowest unit rate.
Deira Highest: 75,000 Lowest: 35,000 Average: 55,000 % Change: -15%
In autumn season, the highest cadmium level (223.3+-17.3 ug/g) was observed in gill tissue in Iskenderun; whereas the lowest level (121.2+-21.6 ug/g) was observed in Kalekoy (Table IV).
* Hawaii has the lowest gap in business-ownership rates between whites and blacks, at 38%.
Spain: Sunday has the greatest viewership and Friday has the lowest.
These workers are all paid the lowest wage that they may legally be paid."
Further, it may be noted that as per Public Procurement Rules, the bidder with the lowest evaluated bid (not the lowest announced bid) shall be awarded the procurement contract.
The borough also has the joint fourth lowest life expectancy for baby boys, at 76.2 years.
Gas and diesel fuel prices have continued to drop in the Czech Republic: the cost of tanking up is the lowest since February.
The lowest direct two-year fixedrate mortgage deals on offer for people with 20% to 40% deposits have all moved upwards as of this month, after having stood at all-time lows for the previous three months.
aWe have the lowest inflation, lowest long-term interest rates, lowest budget deficit and definitely lowest state debt.a
What are lowest, highest, shortest and longest number names, cardinal and ordinal, whose letters are in alphabetical order?