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1. Of or related to the low cost of a good, service, or security. A lowball cost is determined by comparing the cost to similar goods, services, and securities. Lowball costs may indicate a low quality in the good, service, or security.

2. Informal; to make an offer to buy something for an exceptionally low price. For example, if the asking price on a house is $200,000, a potential buyer may lowball the seller by offering $125,000.


Of, relating to, or being an unrealistically low bid. Compare pricey.
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Dave Kennedy, facilities manager for Standard Aero, which accepts bids from all haulers, says he has not seen any low-balling by the Crown corporation.
This is the downside of warm-and-fuzzy math - low-balling projected costs and high-balling projected revenues.
Buyers steer clear of dealer mark-ups, often as high as 50%, and sellers avoid dealer low-balling," said Mukherjee.
Insurers no doubt fear that disgruntled policyholders will respond by filing an avalanche of class-action lawsuits against them, stemming from dubious conduct - such as low-balling claims and giving out erroneous policy information - that emerged during the Quackenbush saga.
Not unless they implement reforms that will finally hold insurers accountable for their pattern of delaying, denying, low-balling and misleading customers in the processing of legitimate claims.
What's happening is I think they are low-balling it,'' he said.