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sure birds pay you a visit this time of year, while chicory, lovage angelica and fennel will turn your herb beds into a rich feeding ground for seed-eating birds.
She'll be using the farm's pork in her dish, a terrine of pork and hazelnuts with beet chutney and lovage salad.
LS' Entielle Allure is an advanced extract of lovage (also known as levisticum officinale) which skin to give it a youthful look.
Pictures: LISA CAREY; D18968_3 SCENTS: Jill's herb bed of (from left) sage, parsley, lovage, mint, oregano and apple mint
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Growers can now assess performance of perennials such as lovage, rue, and five types of chives.
A mixture of fresh herbs, fresh thyme, bay leaf and lovage.
I had success last season with French sorrel, lovage, chicory, salad burnet and orach.
6 Lemon in Carton, Wooden Crate or Plastic Mesh 7 Lovage Leaves, Dried 8 Lovage Leaves, Green, Fresh March 9 Bulk 10 Frozen Peas, Green 11 Fresh Carrot Root, in Cardboard Boxes, Wooden Crate or Plastic Mesh 12 Rice Quality I, Class, and Thick Round Grain, Parboiled 13 Parsley Leaves, Dried 14 Parsley Leaves, Green, Fresh 15 Parsley Root, in Cardboard Boxes, Wooden Crate or Plastic Mesh 16 Raisins Dried Fruit 17 Celery Leaves, Dried 18 Celery Leaves, Green, Fresh 19 Celery Root in A Cardboard Box, Wooden Crate or Plastic Mesh 20 Garlic Dry Bulk
At the moment I can head out every morning and pick up such delights as chives, elderowers and wild herbs such as dandelion, chick-chickweed and lovage.
75 grams gel/an F To serve: Lemon juice Olive oil Lovage leaves New Zealand spinach (tetragonia) * yields more than needed for plating For the fermented cabbage: Heat circulating water bath to 182 degrees Seal cabbage in vacuum bag Cook in water bath for 12 minutes.
Lovage can breaK his DUCK in the first division of the Breeders' Cup Live Only On ATR Handicap at Wolverhampton.