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LETTICE and Lovage is a comedy excellently brought to life by its small cast and crew in the intimate surroundings of the Co-operative Theatre, Wyken.
Lovage is a large perennial that tastes like celery with all parts being edible from the roots to the flowers.
In a change of pace, Shaffer seems, finally, to be writing some major roles for women, who are largely absent from his earlier works, He creates two wonderful women's roles in Lettice and Lovage, but here he creates his first major role in a serious play.
In that regard, and because the play is as wholesome as a summer pudding, Lettice and Lovage would be an ideal summer-vacation treat for youngsters 12 and older, who, fifty years hence, will be able to maunder fondly about having beheld the great and inimitable Maggie Smith in one of her signature roles.
While savoring his perfectly cooked lamb with lovage and dried apricots, we talked about "Wallander," the TV detective series set in Sweden; savored in our minds the great hotdog with fried onions in Copenhagen; and had a laugh about Stockholm street art that involved toilet bowls planted to flowers.
This week, food writer Karen Burns-Booth of Lavender and Lovage (www.
What do purslane, lovage and fenugreek have in common?
Today: 4.20 Nottingham LOVAGE Tomorrow: 3.55 Redcar DANADANA Tuesday: 3.15 Leicester LADY LOCH Wednesday: 4.45 Nottingham NEGIN GARY NUTTING is an award-winning national champion tipster and founder of Horsetrader, the betting and exchange trading specialists, www.horsetrader.net
HENRICK'S SUMMER PUNCH 35ml Hendrick's, 15ml fresh lemon juice, 10ml lovage cordial (available in all good off licences), 5ml maraschino liqueur, 5ml elderflower cordial, 110ml cloudy apple juice.
Interestingly, of his three runners - Excavator (2.30 Haydock), Goldtrek (6.20 Epsom) and Lovage (7.05 Newbury) - stable jockey Steve Drowne makes his comeback from injury on the one forecast to be the longest price of the three.
If you only have a semishaded spot available, try growing scented lemon balm, which can be used to flavour sauces for chicken and fish; lovage, a hardy perennial which has a flavour similar to celery; and angelica, a giant herb growing to several metres which can be used to flavour cakes and cooked fruit.
Drizzle a little of the beetroot glaze around the fish and finish with the lovage or parsley.