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However, nearly as many say the country has lost ground in these areas, leaving net scores just slightly above 0 (+3 for both issues).
GM lost ground in the domestic market--falling to third in market share--due to the delay in launching what eventually became the most popular flex-version car sold in the country, the Celta 1.
Sometimes it is hard to believe we have lost ground on Chelsea, given the run we have had," said Fletcher.
Spencer Barden took Belgrave into the lead by half-way as Wilfred Taragon took the Stags into the top nine whilst both Tipton and Coventry lost ground.
The crew chief suspected the aircraft was heading to the right but never voiced his concern or let the pilot know he had lost ground reference.
a growing proportion of middle-income families like the proportion of families at the richest end of the spectrum all lost ground in the 1990's.
Mold are coasting to promotion following a 5-0 romp against Bethesda but rivals Beaufort Park lost ground in a 3-2 upset at lowly Buckley.
Sun has led the TWS market for over eight years, and grew last quarter in both unit and shipment terms while all other system providers lost ground.
From the moment he was sworn in February 3, Snow has moved aggressively to regain lost ground.
Mining stocks also lost ground, but textile and airline issues rose.
Her supporters must have thought they had done their money when she lost ground at the starting stalls.
Women made thirty percent of all bequests in the 1690s, but lost ground as laws enforcing primogeniture and expanding husbands' control over assets took hold.