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Used for listed equity securities. See: Picture.


1. In equities, the price at which a dealer or broker is willing to buy or sell a security. See also: Bid-ask spread.

2. See: Quote.


A price and size quotation for a security. For example, a floor broker may ask for a look at General Motors.
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Today, as we look around the world, we see a global economy that is beginning to wake up: The U.
If you look around, you can find carpet made from recycled fibers, or natural materials like bamboo, cork, or jute.
After chatting to Amanda and taxi driver Nicholas for 20 minutes over a cup of Earl Grey with full cream milk and one sugar, the prince asked to look around their Victorian semi.
It is an honor to be showcased here to remind managed healthcare executives that in their quest to identify new and effective disease management tools to stem the tide of rising medical costs to take a look around to see existing tools that are either underutilized, or moreover, undervalued for their tremendous short- and longer term benefits.
A REFURBISHED youth and community centre is throwing open its doors for the public to have a look around.
Now is a good time to take a look around to see the terrible mess and rubbish that is on the road sides and around the traffic islands around the city.
As well as giving people a chance to look around the station, the event will also include a chance to meet ambulance crews, look around an accident and emergency vehicle and see exciting demonstrations from the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) who are specially trained to deal with major incidents.
Their visit included a look around the custody block and cells, a chance to have their fingerprints taken, a talk with a police dog handler and time behind the wheel of a police car.
So we had a quick look around and for one hour I was charged pounds 2
Children who are due to start their final year of primary school next month visited Fitzalan High to have a look around.
When I look around at the current bishops and the ones I'd like to see promoted, I don't come up with too many names.
The Broadwood boss said: "Clyde have never played at the new stadium so I thought it was important to take a look around.

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