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Used for listed equity securities. See: Picture.
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1. In equities, the price at which a dealer or broker is willing to buy or sell a security. See also: Bid-ask spread.

2. See: Quote.
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A price and size quotation for a security. For example, a floor broker may ask for a look at General Motors.
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"We're excited to give everyone a chance to come and have a look around our new home and help us test some things out while also sampling what we'll have on offer at this world-class new venue.
With the development almost complete, signed-up and prospective tenants were given the chance to look around the new Northshore regeneration space.
I showed her the way then went to look around, Returned some time later where I found That same old lady looking lost again, Asking for directions, the exit to gain.
The replica ship is an important part of Australian history, so the goalkeeper was keen to take a look around.
MANY of us who live in surrounding areas only drive to Rhyl to shop in either of their two larger supermarkets; if we also want something from their retail park, we may choose Sainsburys; otherwise we park at Morrisons; where, if the weather was good we could always walk over the Vale Road Bridge into town, stopping to look around in M&S while cutting through on to the White Rose Centre, to look around there.
THE public will be invited to take a look around a new pounds 9.3m primary school.
Visit www.acfonline.org.au and take a look around. Join our community and login to update your contact details and email subscriptions, ensuring you'll receive invitations to events in your area.
HISTORY buffs can take a final look around a historic swimming pool as it gets ready to close its doors for the last time.
"If you looked around the hotel at breakfast time when I arrived here in 1996 and look around you today, you'll see how much it has changed.
Have a look around the grandstand at Doncaster IF THE prospect of a day's free racing has lured you back to Donny for the first time in years, or if you have never been to the track before, it is worth taking the time to have a look around the facilities on offer to racegoers, both before and during racing.
I knew all about Electric Wharf and had wanted to come to look around, just out of interest as much as anything.

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