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section (federal code)

A particularly numbered subpart of some federal law.The text of any federal law may be found by going to the Office of the Law Revision Counsel at and clicking on “Search the U.S. Code.” Laws written as, for example,“26 U.S.C. Section 121,”“26 U.S.C. §121,”or sometimes “U.S.C.A.”or “U.S.C.S.”consist of a “title”(26 in the example) and a “section”(121 in the example).Entering the appropriate title and section will bring up the text of the law. See also U.S.C.

section (of land)

A section is a specific area of land measuring 1 square mile. See public land survey system.

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The horizontal centerline viscosity distribution of polymer melt on the longitudinal section.
nh] [approximately equal to] 7 mm single <<hot>> longitudinal section EWP, located in the middle of the TS wire, according to those in [1-9] for the laws of EWP in a metallic conductor with an electrical conduction current form for the case n=1 the length of the quantized [[lambda].
Longitudinal sections of 3 specimens crossed-cut along the apical line; longitudinal sections of the other 7 specimens cross-cut the rostra outwards the apical line (Fig.
Operative access to the kidney with the longitudinal section of latissimus dorsi muscle and the XII rib is anatomically justified and possesses parameters which are sufficient for the successful conducting of operations on a kidney and upper departments of the urine excretion system.
The structure of aluminium alloy material was observed with about 50x magnification of light microscope on metallographic cut of longitudinal section in the middle of cylindrical bar.
Figure 2 shows a longitudinal section of an Encephalartos villosus seed ready to germinate.
The initial state of both modelled materials showed ferrite-pearlite structure with marked, characteristic for rolling, texture in longitudinal section.
The partial region is located outside of a middle, longitudinal section in a forward region and/or in a rear region of the hygiene article.
London's Natural History Museum will unveil a dramatic permanent art installation consisting of a wafer-thin longitudinal section of an entire 200-year-old oak.
In the center of the nodules, a transverse section (Figure, fight inset) and a longitudinal section (Figure, main panel) of a parasite were visible.

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