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One who has bought a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting sale; the opposite of short.

Long Position

The ownership of a security or derivative, or the state of having bought one or the other. A long position brings with it the right to coupon payments or dividends attached to the security or derivative. Informally, one who owns 100 shares of a stock is said to be "long 100 of the stock." Likewise, an investor who has bought (or holds) an option is said to be "long the option" because he/she has the right to exercise the option at a later date. See also: Short position, Close a position.


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No longer identified with simple material support (why is a canvas basic to painting?
For instance, the National Bureau of Standards, now the National Institute of Standards and Technology, reported over twelve years ago that prescored punch-card ballots were inherently unreliable and should no longer be used.
Special care must be taken not to conclude that wraps on fiscal discipline are no longer necessary.
It is no longer possible to use a CPU for this task and designing custom XOR generating hardware becomes increasingly more complex and difficult.
This raises interesting questions over whether the additional income associated with longer commutes fully compensates for the negative aspects of the journey to work.
Group 3 bodywork repair and maintenance of diesel vehicles 101 man hours longer parts,
The Chicago-based consumer data firm also reported that 39% of credit union executives it surveyed said more than 50% of their auto loan originations carry terms longer than 60 months.
Overall, average journeys in the cities last year took 29% longer than they would in freeflowing traffic - compared with a figure of 27% longer in 2013.
The impact is greater, the longer the worker has until retirement: Longer periods of low returns lead to lower benefits.
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The new study found that the longer the patient's telomeres, the greater the chance of living a longer life.
The perennial question in public school education is whether a longer school day or a longer school year should be scheduled in the attempt to raise academic achievement.