long-term loss

Long-term loss

A loss on the sale of a capital asset held less than 12 months that can be used to offset a capital gain.

Long-Term Loss

A loss on a security one holds for longer than one year, or a loss from the sale of a capital asset. In both cases, a long-term loss may be used to offset a long-term gain in order to reduce one's tax liability for that year. Additionally, one may carry forward the first $3,000 of a long-term loss to a different tax year, giving one an even lower tax liability.

long-term loss

Losses on real property sold more than one year after purchase. Compare with long-term capital gains, which are profits earned on real property sold more than one year after purchase.Long-term losses must be deducted against long-term gains.

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And though the club has already been rocked by the long-term loss of winger Manu Vatuvei to a knee ligament injury in pre-season, Salford are raring to get back into competitive action.
And though he agreed to surrender Granada only after setting out elaborate terms, the Spanish crown carefully rewrote those terms to ensure the long-term loss of Muslim sovereignty in the south.
NEMANJA MATIC has backed 'underrated' Marouane Fellaini to help Manchester United cope with the long-term loss of PS89million Paul Pogba.
long-term loss adjustment (from Step 1) by a fraction.
Coupled with the long-term loss of John Souttar, Cathro has had his work cut out in a managerial reign that has yielded just five wins from 21 games at Hearts.
And manager Malcolm Crosby says the long-term loss of a player with two goals this season but, also, a host of assists is a "blow".
The new signings bring Cov up to a squad of 35 players with possible additions to come, notably as back up for Wayne Evans at scrum-half following the long-term loss of Pierre Ferre with injured knee ligaments.
They see any reduction in output in order to shore up the price as a long-term loss for them.
The project responds to the constraints of the target groups, such as long-term loss of contact with the work, limited time and financial opportunities, smaller choice of work, limited mobility, often little motivation and diminished self-esteem.
Hyypia's problems have been compounded by the long-term loss of Wales international midfielder Andrew Crofts with a knee injury.
Nolan is convinced that, despite the long-term loss of striker Andy Carroll, they have a squad that can keep the Upton Park boo-boys silent.
The same is confirmed by Lim Andrey, CEO of Global Taxi, who told the Cambodian Business Review on May 18 that he isn't interested in competing for the bus contract anymore, asserting that investing in bus services, especially in a poor infrastructure city like Phnom Penh is risky and faces long-term loss.

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