long leg

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Long leg

The part of an option spread in which an agreement to buy the underlying security is made.
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Long Leg

In an option spread, the portion that is a long position. For example, if a spread consists of a long position on one option and a short position on a similar option, the long position is called the long leg. It should not be confused with a leg in a swap.
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long leg

The side of an option spread (that is, one option bought long and one option sold short) that an investor is long. With a spread that involves owning a June 20 put and being short a March 20 put, the June 20 put represents the long leg. Compare short leg.
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Aug 40s were opened June 10th as the long leg of the Aug 38.5/40 put spread, bought for 60c with EEM near $41.78.
Cherryl Orrick took the honours for fastest 8km long leg, and Gerry Shaw in the 4km short leg.
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Corstorphine AAC moved through into first, in spite of Michael Wright's strong effort of 31.26 on his long leg, and the gap increased in the fifth despite Dale Colley's determined chase.
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