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degrees] angle to either side of the long axis, then the animal was
The parasternal long axis view shows that the vegetative mass has become smaller after peripherial embolization
6 SN- Maxillary central incisor long axis (degrees)
For edge withdrawal of screws under cyclic load, the relationship was found to be significant for all of the OSB panel specimens perpendicular to the long axis of the panel, while in the parallel direction, the relationship was only significant in the 11-mm and 18-mm OSB panels (Table 6).
Each test specimen was intermittently loaded to a maximum level of 25 daN at an angulation of 45 degrees to the long axis of the tooth (Figure 1), at a frequency of 1.
It then mates the vaginal probe in a long axis projection.
Almost at the horizon and on the long axis of the site, that skyline prompts a reading of a vastly expanded territory for both site and house.
The fluorescence was greatest when the long axis of the crystal lay parallel to the transmission direction of the polarizer E-vector.
The crystals are blue when the long axis of the crystals is parallel to the axis of slow ray and yellow when their long axis is perpendicular to the axis of slow ray.
This position (Crass position) places the supraspinatus in maximum inward rotation for long axis scan.
Its long axis runs east-west, and it has a slightly brighter center.