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We are now ready to state and prove our main result from which each individual coefficient of the molecular expansion of the combinatorial logarithm, Lg(F), of a species, F, can be computed from the coefficients of the molecular expansion of its analytical logarithm, log(F).
where [E.sub.t] ([s.sub.t+k]|[[OMEGA].sub.t]) = logarithm of expected spot exchange rate at time t + k, based on information known at time t, [f.sup.(k).sub.t] = logarithm of the k-period forward exchange rate.
Loan Spread and Firm Innovation for the Whole Sample (Patent-Application Count & R&D Productivity) The dependent variable is the logarithm of loan spread.
We will mention now some of cryptosystem which are based on the discrete logarithm problem as elgamal cryptosystem, and diffie-hellman key exchange, and we will use the multiplication [[].sup.*.sub.p] and then we will modify these cryptosystems to the domain of gaussian integers.
The logarithm of the distance to the central business district in number of miles (LCBD)
The partial derivative of the logarithm of earnings implies that a reduction in the percentage of time actually devoted to lunch breaks for male workers from .092 to .082 (25 minutes per week) would raise earnings and, by implication, productivity by about 50 Swedish crowns (about $7) per month per worker.
Ln MS = Natural logarithm of (Nominal) Money Supply.
So if there were a full house and every fan tossed a coin, guessing the discrete logarithm would be as hard as correctly guessing every single coin toss."
Topics of the articles include coefficients and roots of polynomials, the Fibonacci problem, the hook length formula, rational bounds for the logarithm function, and a generalization of Napoleon's theorem.
We use the logarithm of cash compensation, the logarithm of equity compensation, and the logarithm of total compensation as the dependent variables as in Brick, Palmon, and Wald (2002).
When the wet mix elastomer composite is processed with CTV Method 1, the vulcanized wet mix elastomer composite exhibits a resistivity that A) has a natural logarithm satisfying the equation In (resistivity) [greater than or equal to] -0.1 (loading) + x, where x is 14, or B) is at least 2.9 times greater than the resistivity of a vulcanized dry mix elastomer composite having the same composition and prepared using Comparative CTV Method 1.
MAGDM strategy using similarity measure based on binary logarithm function under single valued neutrosophic environment is yet to appear.