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(FBM) (NYSE: FBM) has finalised the acquisition of Atlanta, Georgia, US-based branch location of industry construction services provider Trident Distribution, Inc., the company said.
While the geographic impact is obvious, given the broad distribution and economic importance of the pulp and paper industry across the U.S., the location of industry facilities in rural areas adds another dimension.
These trends are expected to continue, and rural sites will become more attractive for the location of industry. Policies to preserve natural environments, coupled with improved rural access through infrastructure investment, have a clear basis in economic efficiency, but limited impact on rural development.
But he said there will be other benefits, insisting: "I am anxious to ensure that, as happened in Cork with the Kinsale Head Gas Field, the availability of gas in the locality is used to promote the location of industry there and to bring maximum benefits to the west of Ireland."
Second, Heckscher-Ohlin theory is, unsurprisingly, not good at explaining the location of industry across areas where factor endowments are broadly similar (as in much of Western Europe) or within which factors of production are highly mobile (the USA).
Lall analyses the export performance of developing countries, while Hanson and Amiti focus on location of industry in the North American Free Trade Area and in Europe respectively.
The clustering of Irish and German New Yorkers is attributable as much to the location of industry, the stratified labor market, and the timing of immigration as to shared cultural values.
Analysis in the preceding chapters raises several policy issues related to the areas of industrial trade, industrial planning, industrial concentration and competition, regulation of TNCs, technology, public enterprise regulation and location of industry. These issues have been critically analysed in the concluding chapter.

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