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the expansion of a firm into foreign economies by EXPORTING, but more specifically by FOREIGN INVESTMENT in the establishment of components factories, manufacturing plants and sales subsidiaries. See MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, FOREIGN MARKET SERVICING STRATEGY.

International growth provides additional sales opportunities for firms constrained by the small size of their national markets and serves to reduce their dependency on a single national market to generate profits. See STRATEGIC DIRECTION.

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With the localization of side member panels, TMP has achieved 58 percent localization of total body shell weight for the New Vios, which is more than the CARS requirement of 50 percent.
"I'm very happy that after three (3) years, as part of the CARS program, it's now being produced in the Philippines," Rodolfo said as he recalled how side member localization was just an aspiration for TMP in 2016.
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Currently, 400 vendors from all over Pakistan are providing parts worth more than Rs.300 million every day and this reflects the level of localization achieved in last 29 years of its journey.
The fingerprint localization technique, which uses a radio map to determine user locations, has received considerable attention [14]-[16].
Mr Katsuhiro addressed to the participants and highlighted the importance of HACPL business among AO region and the efforts HACPL is making for localization expansion.
Localization algorithms can be broadly classified as range-based, proximity-based and fingerprinting-based [2].
Barreau has over 20 years of experience spearheading localization for theatrical features, episodic content, and interactive games in more than 40 languages for Warner Bros.
Localization is the ability of an individual to be in tune with the direction of the sound source.