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The business, act, or practice of attempting to influence legislation or policy. For example, a lobbyist may call a legislator and urge him/her to vote for a bill that, if passed, would favor the industry or interests of lobbyist's client. Lobbying can be a lucrative business. However, a variety of rules exist in many jurisdictions to guard against the possibility that it can degenerate into bribery.


To work for or against the passage of legislation.Currently,the two strongest lobbies in the real estate industry are the National Association of REALTORS® and the American Bankers Association.They are squared off on opposite sites of legislation that would give financial institutions the right to offer real estate brokerage services.

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However, he claims that there would be an essential difference between normal and trade union lobbyism.
Mudambi and Navarra (2004a, b) are amongst the few who discuss the important role of subsidiary bargaining power, related to their knowledge assets (2004a) and add (2004b) that low performing subsidiaries depend to a higher degree on lobbyism than well performing subsidiaries.
Moreover, UEFA's relationship with the EU institutions is to a high degree characterised by lobbyism, which is illustrated by its strategy to promote new rules regarding locally trained players (Garcia 2007b).
SJC members hit back at Kostova and Zaharova, with accusations ranging from lobbyism to dodging responsibility and desertion.