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The business, act, or practice of attempting to influence legislation or policy. For example, a lobbyist may call a legislator and urge him/her to vote for a bill that, if passed, would favor the industry or interests of lobbyist's client. Lobbying can be a lucrative business. However, a variety of rules exist in many jurisdictions to guard against the possibility that it can degenerate into bribery.


To work for or against the passage of legislation.Currently,the two strongest lobbies in the real estate industry are the National Association of REALTORS® and the American Bankers Association.They are squared off on opposite sites of legislation that would give financial institutions the right to offer real estate brokerage services.

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Further research on the participation of the lobbied in federal lobbying is essential.
If Linda Daschle lobbied one arm of Congress to weaken airline safety and give away billions of taxpayer dollars to corporate clients, the voters are likely to assume that her husband was in there, too.
Assemblyman Dick Ackerman, R-Fullerton, said he declined Schiff's request to take his name off the list of signers because he does not recall being lobbied.
Lobbied the school board to build the controversial complex in the mid-1990s.
In many cases, a member of Congress, because of his influence, has brought defense plants or bases to his state, or he had lobbied to be on defense committees to help protect the defense economy on which so many of his constituents' jobs are based.
It's real important that the public know who is being lobbied and who is doing the lobbying.