listing broker

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Listing broker

In the context of equity, when a stock is traded in exchange it is said to be listed. A licensed real estate broker who completes a listing of a property for sale.
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Listing Broker

In equities, the broker who puts a security up for trade on an exchange, also called listing the security. The broker must be a registered member of the exchange in question, and the security must meet the exchange's listing requirements.
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listing broker

The real estate broker who enters into an agreement with a property owner to market and solicit offers to buy the owner's property.

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They have been providing list brokers with mailing lists even before the term “list broker” was coined.
Since enlisting Localmize as their SEO partner, WS Ponton is now found on the first page for many of its targeted keywords allowing potential customers to find the marketing data provider online for its premium list broker services, premium mailing lists, and exclusive email lists.
I suggest interviewing several list brokers before making a decision.
A list broker, like a travel agent, has a specialized knowledge of lists.
If, in fact, the Internet has presented list brokers and managers with a "second-half" challenge, then how about responding with a progressive posture that embraces this powerful tool to our advantage.
Consider the benefits that can be derived by building one centralized Web site, which could serve as a repository for list brokers and managers alike.
Most of the major list brokers in the industry are members of The Direct Marketing Association.
If The Direct Marketing Association compelled the member list brokers to force anyone who rented a list through the member list broker to comply with the guidelines and procedures set by The Direct Marketing Association with regard to the mail preference and telephone preference service, a major step would be taken in self regulations because The Direct Marketing Association then would be involved directly in regulating another major segment of the industry.
With list brokers specifically, make sure they are paying your bills on time.
That can make it more difficult for you to obtain lists in a timely fashion, particularly if you should change list brokers. If you suspect your broker of aging payments, insist that he pay your bills within a week of receiving your funds.
PICKING THE right lists is both a science and an art, and the practitioners of this mixed discipline--the list brokers and managers--are engaged daily in a highly creative and intuitive process.
Thus, the two principal players are the marketer (who figures out the offer and creates the want) and the list broker (who finds the prospects).