lis pendens

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Lis Pendens

1. Describing property or another asset subject to a pending lawsuit. Because the new owner of such a property or asset is subject to the same lawsuit, it can be difficult or impossible to sell a lis pedens property.

2. Public announcement of a pending lawsuit.

The term is Latin for "suit pending."

lis pendens

A document recorded in the real estate records, putting all people on notice that a lawsuit has been filed that will affect title to the described property. If someone buys the property after the filing of the lis pendens notice, then that person takes it subject to any claims that might prove successful in the lawsuit.

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The court should have compared the value at the time the lis pendens was filed, which SFSC's expert testified was $3,492,000, with the value at the time the lis pendens was terminated, which SFSC's expert testified was $6,487,000.
rules of judicial jurisdiction, lis pendens, and forum non conveniens described above can be used with great confidence if the foreign defendant has assets in the United States.
Another possible reason for ambivalence toward the ALI project in its statutory form, whether tied to the lis pendens provisions or more broadly inspired, is the fear that, at some point, it could weaken the bargaining position of the United States or otherwise make our negotiators' lives more difficult in pursuing the remains of the day at The Hague, which are a modest but potentially significant effort to salvage from a decade of effort a double convention on jurisdiction and judgments in business-to-business transactions involving a choice-of-court clause.
In fact, it is more likely than not that a lis pendens is not maintained on a property throughout the course of a specific performance lawsuit.
Lis Pendens filings are used as early indicators of real estate market trouble because it is the first step in a lender reclaiming ownership of mortgaged properties when scheduled mortgage payments are not made.
The Foreclosure Database(TM) provides the most up-to-date list of Lis Pendens and/or Notices of Default initiated in the volatile real estate markets of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.
There have been over 2800 recent lis pendens filings in Queens, and almost 3000 filings in Kings County.
The number of properties that received at least one lis pendens filing in April 2011 (981) saw a 23% decrease compared to April 2010 (1,271) and a slight decrease of 1% compared to March 2011 (988).
Lis pendens, the first notices homeowners receive of foreclosure, settled at the lowest rate since the fourth quarter in 2008.
The zoning maps are integrated into GeoData Direct, GeoData's web application that provides detailed property reports, sales comparables, lis pendens and other important information.
com president, reported that her firm saw 3,980 lis pendens filings in Cook County for the second quarter, while filings in five peripheral suburban counties totaled 1,779.
In addition, a lis pendens has been filed against the property by Sunbeat Rentals.