lis pendens

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Lis Pendens

1. Describing property or another asset subject to a pending lawsuit. Because the new owner of such a property or asset is subject to the same lawsuit, it can be difficult or impossible to sell a lis pedens property.

2. Public announcement of a pending lawsuit.

The term is Latin for "suit pending."

lis pendens

A document recorded in the real estate records, putting all people on notice that a lawsuit has been filed that will affect title to the described property. If someone buys the property after the filing of the lis pendens notice, then that person takes it subject to any claims that might prove successful in the lawsuit.

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The dispute over the Vizcaya project ended when BBDT and Tapp worked out an arrangement calling for the lis pendens to be lifted, "and they would go ahead and sell the condos," Lewis said.
33) The civil law tradition applies the doctrine of lis pendens, which requires a court to stay its proceedings if the same action between the parties is already pending before the courts of another jurisdiction.
Kitas labai svarbus pasiulymo del reglamento pakeitimo elementas, susijes su lis pendens taisykle, yra itraukimas teises normos 31 pasiulymo straipsnyje, kad jei civiline byla yra iskelta vienoje valstybeje nareje, o del laikinuju apsaugos priemoniu yra kreipiamasi i kitos valstybes nares teisma, tai abu teismai turi bendradarbiauti, iskaitant gavima visos reikalingos informacijos apie bylos aplinkybes, ar tikrai yra butina skubiai taikyti tokias priemones, arba kodel buvo atsisakyta laikinasias apsaugos priemones taikyti toje valstybeje nareje, kurioje yra nagrinejama byla.
This is why, as stated above (see supra note 27), the dispute concerning lis pendens in the Shell case centered on Article 12 of the Dutch Code of Civil Procedure rather than the lis pendens provision of the Brussels I Regulation.
Title remains in A until some bona fide purchaser from C records, thereby divesting A, unless A and B may win the race by some method other than being first to record, such as a lis pendens action or by A physically occupying the property, which would preclude subsequent grantees from becoming bona fide purchasers.
FCD argued that SFSC lacked standing to pursue the lis pendens damage award because it had quitclaimed the property to Samjaz.
A notice of lis pendens operates to notify "potential purchasers that there is pending litigation that may affect their title to real property and that the purchaser will take subject to the judgment.
For recording the lis pendens liens in suits filed under section 1605A, the clerk of the district court is required to file the notice of action "indexed by listing as defendants and all entities listed as controlled by any defendant.
Here, the Bankruptcy Court found that the filing of the lis pendens in the circuit court was a ministerial task and did not implicate the comity or cooperation of the Circuit Court of the City of Hampton.
This development prompted Josie to file a notice of lis pendens with the Registry of Deeds of Cavite, which was annotated on the title.
1) On all papers and documents prepared and filed by the court or by any party to a proceeding which are to be recorded in the public records of any county, including but not limited to final money judgments and notices of lis pendens, a 3-inch by 3-inch space at the top right-hand comer on the first page and a 1 -inch by 3-inch space at the top right-hand corner on each subsequent page shall be left blank and reserved for use by the clerk of court.
However, a number of Perrin's former clients went to court to get a lis pendens order.