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In context of securities, easily traded or converted to cash.
In context of a corporation, the state of having enough cash and cash equivalents to cover short-term obligations.
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Easy convertibility into cash. A liquid asset or security can be easily bought or sold with little or no impact on price. Most methods of counting money supply include some highly liquid investments such as certificates of deposit. Liquid assets and investments are highly desirable as they may be sold to allow an investor to enter other investments as they arise. On exchanges, liquid investments usually have low bid-ask spreads. See also: Illiquid, Liquidity preference hypothesis.
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1. Of, relating to, or being an asset that may be bought or sold in a short period of time with relatively small price changes engendered by the transaction. A U.S. Treasury bill is an example of a very liquid asset. (Many issues of municipal bonds are not very liquid.) Compare illiquid.
2. Of, relating to, or being an investment position in which most of the assets are in money or near money. This kind of position generally earns a relatively low return but allows the investor to take advantage of other investment opportunities.
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The liquid diet was the only source of food available to mice; it was prepared fresh every day and presented to animals at the same time (12 pm).
CE group (Coffee): all animals in this group received a coffee beverage as liquid diet. In order to standardise the amount of coffee to be offered, the daily consumption of five cups of 200 mL for a 70 kg person and the ABIC (2007) directions for coffee preparation were taken into account: that is, 100 g of coffee powder diluted in one litre of boiling water, as proposed by Araujo (2007).
"I describe this as a baby being fed on a liquid diet of Mars bars, and it is a very serious problem.
In the treatment with the ethanol containing liquid diet, Sprague Dawley female rats (125-150 g body weight, 5-6 weeks age) were fed ad libitum for 28 days with a nutritionally adequate liquid diet (Lieber and De Carli Regular rodent diet) [10,11].
It's not just a liquid diet either, as you do introduce solids into your plan.'' She added: ''I feel amazing now and can play with my children as well as wear some great clothes - including a swimming costume."
For seven weeks, 30 men were assigned a low-energy liquid diet, followed by two weeks of reintroduction to solid foods.
Thirty-six adult male Wistar rats (4 months-old) weighing an average of 460 g were randomized into four groups (9 rats per group), as follows: Test group A (low)--rats were fed an ethanol-containing liquid diet with ethanol representing 22% of total caloric value; Control group A--rats were fed a pair-fed control diet (ethanol replaced by isocaloric amounts of carbohydrate); Test group B (high)--rats were fed an ethanol-containing liquid diet with ethanol representing 36% of total caloric value; and Control group B--rats were fed a pair-fed control diet (ethanol replaced by isocaloric amounts of carbohydrate).
NEW YORK -- Liquid diet supplements offer consumers a convenient and pleasant way to control their appetites.
After all, it was Jack Charlton, during his days as manager of the Republic of Ireland, who insisted his men adopt a special liquid diet.
He was on a liquid diet because he was unable to swallow solids.