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A unit of length equivalent to 7.92 inches. It is used in the surveying of land.




A surveying measurement still seen in older deeds or in deeds using descriptions from earlier times.A link is 7.92 inches.See land measurement conversion.

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For example, the following formula divides by 2 the sum of the linked amount plus the value in B 15 on the dependent workbook:
As a result statements made in the paper discussing the "reliability superiority" of soft-linked items to hard linked items are completely unfounded.
Hard-linked items require the examinee to get the first linked item correct before any of the subsequent linked items may be answered correctly.
This section is marked by a shark icon; almost every other linked group has a caricature somewhere on site.
A linked object maintains a constant connection between the data shown and the original data in a file created in the source application.