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A unit of length equivalent to 7.92 inches. It is used in the surveying of land.




A surveying measurement still seen in older deeds or in deeds using descriptions from earlier times.A link is 7.92 inches.See land measurement conversion.

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Now, if we may trust these facts and inferences, and therefore conclude that varieties linking two other varieties together have generally existed in lesser numbers than the forms which they connect, then, I think, we can understand why intermediate varieties should not endure for very long periods;--why as a general rule they should be exterminated and disappear, sooner than the forms which they originally linked together.
Now, as shown in exhibit 3, above, SubsidiaryA's cost of sales in D6 is linked to Consolidating's B6 and the Consolidating workbook should show cost of sales for SubsidiaryA at $675 (exhibit 3).
Each linked document provides unique information to the consumer using that Health Topic page.
It is essential that education professionals are made aware of these problems and appreciate that the findings of the study cannot be used as "evidence" that linked items have psychometric benefits.
To use multiple network ports in a server more effectively, an enterprise can create a logical or virtual adapter by grouping together multiple physical adapters linked by an intermediate driver.
Digi Link has signed Letters of Intent to acquire 60 additional licenses that are currently linked with the Intellicomm(R) Wide-Area Network for mobile dispatch communications, located in Boston, Massachusetts.
Linked items are items in which the examinee uses his/her answer from one item to compute an answer for a second item, typically using the numerical response format.
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