limited discretion

Limited discretion

Permission by a client that allows a broker to make certain stock and option trades without first consulting the client about the trade.
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Limited Discretion

Permission from an investor giving his/her broker the ability to make some investment decisions on a brokerage account without consulting the investor. Such decisions must be made in accordance with the customer's stated investment goals. This contrasts with a discretionary account, which gives the broker much more independence. Limited discretion is also called limited trading authorization.
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limited discretion

The authority given a broker to make certain investment decisions without first getting in touch with the investor. The investor must sign a written agreement providing the broker with limited discretion. Also called limited trading authorization.
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The mandatory death penalty for drug offences was removed by the then-Barisan Nasional government in 2017, but judges can only exercise limited discretion to impose life imprisonment for drug trafficking under certain conditions.
Transparency should lead to limited discretion, avoiding case-by-case evaluation of applications and using a simple process based on clearly defined criteria, whereas automaticity should mean putting in place default mechanisms to confer automatic approvals within a pre-determined time period.
* Limited discretion by the recipient on the conduct of an activity.
Dowd, writing for the Eastern District, said that while trial judges have some "limited discretion" regarding the form of the insurance question, the Missouri Supreme Court repeatedly has held that parties have a right to know if any of the prospective jurors or their families have a potential interest in the outcome of the lawsuit.
There is, however, no mention of the limited discretion that exists to render no ground for prosecution.
Although the district has very limited discretion over its general fund revenues, they have performed well.
Even Singapore has provided limited discretion for judges.
Yet the Corps is not alone in aggressively eschewing discretion, as the Environmental Protection Agency, Navy, Bureau of Land Management, Interstate Commerce Commission, Department of Agriculture, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Bureau of Reclamation, Coast Guard, and a host of other federal agencies have also insisted they have no or limited discretion over particular actions within their jurisdiction.
However, during the 1950s, his growing realization that the Federal Reserve System was culpable in both initiating the Great Depression with its policy tightening in 1928 and 1929 and deepening the Depression with its policies after 1929, led him to favor a rule that limited discretion. We show that a key factor underlying the rules of both Friedman and Taylor is their common view that monetary policy should aim to reduce uncertainty.
When a judge has only limited discretion not to impose a new law, the Ex Post Facto Clause may prohibit the retroactive application of that new sentencing law.
First, there are "shall-issue" states, in which authorities have limited discretion to reject an individual for a concealed carry permit based on the criteria provided in the application.

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