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Point: Based on this hypothesis, it might be logical to ask: If 30% MVC is the recommendation for optimal power development, what would happen if we used either a slightly heavier or lighter resistance?
The lighters are being given away free with cartons of 200 cigarettes all over Spain and in the Canaries and at duty-free shops.
The remaining multipurpose lighter market is occupied by companies such as the Pinkerton Group (Cricket lighters), Colibri, and Calico Brand.
The $100 million investment is our commitment to join Lighter Capital in changing the way companies access funding.
What is the structure of the cigarette lighter industry and who are the key players?
I'm excited to be part of the Lighter Capital team and for the opportunity to introduce new technologies and much needed change to the small business financing industry.
According to campaigners eight in 10 of all lighters on sale in the UK do not meet basic EU safety standards.
Customs officers have no power to seize lighters but must call in local authority inspectors.
The move means that the brand - currently the third-biggest Cheddar brand by value behind market leader Cathedral City and Seriously [Nielsen 52w/e 2 October 2010] - will have a lighter Cheddar offer to rival Dairy Crest's established Cathedral City Mature Lighter brand.
Mieth, public information officer for the state Department of Fire Services, has her own collection of novelty lighters for demonstration purposes, including the Christmas model, and a lighter-pen that is indistinguishable from a real pen.
More than 600 lighter models have been removed from the European market since the ban was introduced a year ago.
The Zippo Manufacturing Company has taken flame to a new level with its BLU butane pocket lighter, which delivers a hot, consistent, clean-burning blue flame, unlike the traditional windproof lighter that sports a yellow flame fueled by liquid lighter fluid.