lighten up

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Lighten up

Selling some part of a stock or bond position in a portfolio to realize capital gains or to losses or increase cash assets.

Lighten Up

To sell part of a security while still keeping it in one's portfolio. One may lighten up on a security because one believes that it will fall (but not necessarily by much) or because it is overrepresented in the portfolio.

lighten up

To reduce, but not eliminate, a particular security position when the investor feels that the security constitutes too much of the portfolio's total value, or when the investor is feeling less bullish on the security. In either case, a residual position in the security is maintained.
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Additionally, in India, white skin has long been associated with the country's traditional rulers and powerful groups, from the Aryans to British colonialists, as well as with the upper castes, while in countries as disparate as Senegal and the Philippines, many seek to lighten their skin as a way to elevate their social standing (Deshpande 2002; Saint Louis 2010).
Note to Editor: For a free sample of Reviva Labs Lighten & Brighten Dark Spot Serum, contact: Elena Cruz, American News Services, at 29 Bala Ave.
Regardless of whether you pick up "Unlocking the Mystery of Skin Color" because you truly want to lighten your complexion or out of sheer curiosity, I am certain that you will learn a lot of both useful tips and fascinating trivia about an attribute that we all posses and which oftentimes defines us--even when it should not.
I thought I'd lighten the mood by participating in the 'cross bar challenge'.
US-based aircraft maker Boeing can lighten the weight of its 787 aircraft by 2.
In the beginning I was worried that if I did use them they could lighten my skin all over and in the end I stopped using them because they were not just bleaching the darker bits of my skin.
Lighten Up Yoga & Healing Arts Center, 60 Biltmore Ave, Asheville.
Lighten leg hair with Nair Lightening Effects Hair Lightener ($5, drugstores).
Openings to Lighten the Way is that rarest of finds--a creation so startlingly unusual that it keeps taking you by surprise, but at the same time so universal that page by page, Opening by Opening, it feels like coming home.
Perhaps one jovial lifestyle column could lighten the load and make a difference.