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1. To impose an obligation to pay. For example, a government may levy a tax.

2. To collect what is owed. For example, a creditor may levy a debt, meaning that it may collect it from the debtor.


(1) To assess. One may levy a tax or fine, which means to impose it. (2) To seize or collect, as when a creditor levies on assets by execution.

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Levy continued shaking her violently, causing her to fall onto the pavement.
The PPF's levy estimate of Au630m for 2013/14 is lower than the maximum possible estimate of Au687.
8/5/11), the Kentucky Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal of a suit the taxpayer had filed against the university (his employer) for complying with a levy and surrendering the taxpayer's wages to the IRS.
For people who have tried to ignore their tax debt only to find themselves impacted by a levy, finding an aggressive tax professional to fight for your rights with the IRS can be a time-saving and stress-reducing option.
We would expect any legal challenge to address not just the extension of the British levy, but the more fundamental issue of the degree to which the levy system is a justifiable state aid.
Monaco argues that Levy advanced new approaches to education--both co-educational religious instruction for Jewish children and a vocational-training school system for the Florida territory, but he was unable to generate support for the necessary revenue to support these projects.
Welcoming the report, Sustainable Farming and Food Minister Jeff Rooker said: "This research is vital in understanding the needs of levy payers and how best the new arrangements I announced last June can react by delivering improved services, targeted where they can have greatest impact.
David Levy represented the tenant and landlord in the transaction.
Looking back over her decades at the Met, Levy says, "We've done everything.
Levy starts by describing "iPod wars," in which people walk up to total strangers in subway stations and display the currently playing tune on their iPod.
A lot of us remember that time very fondly,'' said Levy, who cultivates a somewhat piratical air with his black mane of tight curls and two silver hoops through his left earlobe.
Government may have forced the levy on the coal industry, but senior management in the coal industry unanimously recognizes the value of the program.