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1. To impose an obligation to pay. For example, a government may levy a tax.

2. To collect what is owed. For example, a creditor may levy a debt, meaning that it may collect it from the debtor.


(1) To assess. One may levy a tax or fine, which means to impose it. (2) To seize or collect, as when a creditor levies on assets by execution.

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The training is geared to meeting the demands of an ever increasing legislative requirement levied upon businesses and helping to protect the health and welfare of staff.
If it is a bare trust or an absolute trust, then the tax will be levied upon the beneficiaries.
The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has stated that he would only support the cuts necessary to produce PS10bn of welfare savings by 2015-16, if additional taxes are levied upon expensive properties.
SIR - Just recently, several wealthy "entrepreneurs" wrote an open letter to the press, complaining about the 50% income tax levied upon incomes above pounds 150,000 pa.
Any resident who defaulted on their council tax irrespective of the amount owing would be hunted and hounded, with charges levied upon them or even a jail sentence imposed if it were not paid back.
EARLIER this year, following special pleading, an additional tax was levied upon local council tax payers for the specific purpose of recruiting more police officers.
The statute specifically states that the sale of the property levied upon shall not be considered excessive unless its value unreasonably exceeds the total debt reflected in all outstanding unsatisfied judgment liens, including the lien of the levying creditor.
The corrupt scheme provided that the leases to be signed by prospective tenants of (the mall) would contain provisions by which tenants would pay for all taxes levied upon (the mall) property,'' according to the lawsuit filed by Westlake Village attorney David Merrihugh, who is representing the seven plaintiffs.
If the cultivation is performed in partnership, ushr will be levied upon all the (produce and) partners (will contribute) according to their shares.
When, as in West Virginia's case, a state attempts to impose on a vessel a charge that is not related to any service provided by the state to the vessel but instead is levied upon the vessel based upon its weight or a proxy for its weight (such as fuel consumption), such a charge, without the consent of Congress, violates the Duty of Tonnage Clause and is void.
The many venues across Cardiff would be potentially disadvantaged if there were additional costs levied upon them when trying to attract inward investment such as large events.
Many people imagine that the cost of a prescription is the same as the charge levied upon them when they go to a chemist to get medicines that are prescribed by their doctor.