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1. To impose an obligation to pay. For example, a government may levy a tax.

2. To collect what is owed. For example, a creditor may levy a debt, meaning that it may collect it from the debtor.


(1) To assess. One may levy a tax or fine, which means to impose it. (2) To seize or collect, as when a creditor levies on assets by execution.

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In the right circumstances, the TBR2 allows the notice of public lien to be withdrawn or levied property to be returned.
Not only does the IRS now have to tell the ex-spouse whether it has pursued collection activities, it also has to disclose the activities undertaken, whether wages or other property were levied, and the amount collected, if any.
The TBR2 authorizes the Service to return levied property.
The approved tax rate is levied on a per parcel basis and varies depending on land use.
If the special taxes were to be levied at their maximum amounts, the resulting revenue would be limited by the number of residential dwelling units.
Strong coverage of debt service by special tax revenues levied on all nonexempt parcels in the city,
The special tax may be levied at a maximum rate of $1.