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1. To impose an obligation to pay. For example, a government may levy a tax.

2. To collect what is owed. For example, a creditor may levy a debt, meaning that it may collect it from the debtor.


(1) To assess. One may levy a tax or fine, which means to impose it. (2) To seize or collect, as when a creditor levies on assets by execution.

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In addition, in the areas specified in Table-II from so much of the Customs duty leviable therein under the First Schedule to the Customs Act 1969, as is specified in column 3 of the said Table and whole of the sales tax chargeable thereon under the Sales Tax (Amendment) Act, 1990.
Regulatory Duty and Exemption Notifications: Regulatory duty leviable on various items is proposed to be incorporated in the statutory rates of duty wherever possible.
The rate of domestic sales tax on goods manufactured and supplies made in the most and moderately affected districts will be reduced by 50% of leviable rates.
Exports originating from most affected and moderately affected areas will be exempted from income tax leviable on exports.
Their advice was that exchange users are not leviable bookmakers under the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963 and that the court would uphold that view.
My prediction is that the government will change the threshold structure and may make bets on foreign racing leviable but will not divert profits from non-racing products to the levy.