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"But this is a consumer issue, and I don't think most consumers are prepared to watch something in letterbox on a 13-inch TV screen," she says.
But clothes do wear out and narratives wear down to thread bare warp and weft; repeated and woven like the story of the journey to the letterbox to collect the letters (a narrative of anticipation).
CLAWS FOR CONCERN Bella hangs from the letterbox as mail is delivered.
PEOPLE have been warned to take care after a spate of burglars using implements to try to steal car keys through letterboxes.
The idea is that all the giftboxes and their contents must be able to fit through an ordinary letterbox so the parcel can be sent as a complete surprise.
Start off by setting the position of the letterbox in your door.
THE occupants of a Midlands home had a lucky escape after a firework was pushed through their letterbox.
Another resident was woken in the middle of the night to the noise of her letterbox being tampered with and someone saying: "I can't get them."
Police had linked the explosion to a substance poured through the letterbox of number 21 but this has been ruled out.
THOUSANDS of posties want YOU to move your letterbox - because it's giving them backache.
Constables Ross McLelland and Eric McCann were caught in a marathon tug of war through a letterbox after the dog managed to snatch their patrol car keys.
Similar incidents have been reported on social media, with one woman in Tranmere saying she heard a woman shouting through her letterbox at around 5am on Sunday.