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An agreement between two parties whereby one party allows the other to use his/her property for a certain period of time in exchange for a periodic fee. The property covered in a lease is usually real estate or equipment such as an automobile or machinery. There are two main kinds of leases. A capital lease is long-term and ownership of the asset transfers to the lessee at the end of the lease. An operating lease, on the other hand, is short-term and the lessor retains all rights of ownership at all times.


To rent out.

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My new catchphrase is, "Let go of your need to let go, pay attention to what is happening now, and life will move on, you cannot stop it.
He let go of the bags but punched her in the eye," said Miss Owen.
You might suggest that his offspring would be making him a gift if they can let go of their own fears and allow him to enjoy this time as he wishes.
Let go of your possessions, challenged Jesus; give them to the poor and Come follow me, unencumbered and free.
Jesus' Ascension teaches me that I too must let go what I cling to, in order to receive something greater.
Louis employees who took early retirement, 1400 employees and 450 contractors were let go during the Christmas massacre.
let go 1 : to relax or release a grip <Please let go of my arm.
For each case, clearly assess why you need to let go.
A thought then came intomy head telling me to just let go and to stop struggling.
Hathaway says: '"Let Go' is a song that came out of a need for me to let go of the worry, a few pairs of old jeans, and old ideas as well as some people who were taking up too much space in my life.
The first reported layoffs came at the SouthCoast Media Group papers in New England, where five full-time and nine part-time employees were let go, according to an account on the southcoasttoday Web site by Steve De Costa.