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An agreement between two parties whereby one party allows the other to use his/her property for a certain period of time in exchange for a periodic fee. The property covered in a lease is usually real estate or equipment such as an automobile or machinery. There are two main kinds of leases. A capital lease is long-term and ownership of the asset transfers to the lessee at the end of the lease. An operating lease, on the other hand, is short-term and the lessor retains all rights of ownership at all times.


To rent out.

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My new catchphrase is, "Let go of your need to let go, pay attention to what is happening now, and life will move on, you cannot stop it.
His love assures us that when we let go of all that may come between ourselves and Jesus, we are thereby allowing God and grace and goodness to enter into our lives--there to abide, there to act, there to accomplish God's loving plan for us and for all.
Drayton was digging his nails into Mr Goldingay's hand to try to get him to release his grip, but he did not let go until he was punched five times to the face.
Let go of your resentment and anger over things that are beyond your control.
It's not easy to let go of past regrets, but Hamilton Beazley, PhD, author of No Regrets: A 10-step program for living in the present and leaving the past behind (John Wiley & Sons, 2004), has found ways that can help.
It took Coleman one year to write Before I Let Go, while he was still teaching.
I didn't know what to do but decided to let go of my eldest son.
Embracing change requires the same ability to let go, as on a roller coaster, and goes against instinct for most (see sidebar, B.
An animal sanctuary warden told the Guardian that when these animals "are tamed young and then let go, they can become aggressive.
Loneliness is the first emotion ever experienced in human life, immediately after birth, and the last emotion ever experienced on earth just prior to death, when we realize that we have to let go and that we will have to go on alone.
When the stronger dog clamped its jaws around his pet's neck and would not let go, the Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP jumped in.
isn't the inability to let go a slow form of self-destructive behavior?