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Like the landmark approach, this lends itself to keys other than C (Although how radical are G and F really?
Besides the fact that the process lends itself to automation, another compelling argument in favor of planar waveguide is that the component architecture also lends itself to batch processing.
The self-assessment process lends itself more readily to an administrative review, although a technical review should not be ruled out.
Among the advantages of the system, according to Reed and Jones, are "alloy homogenization and flexibility, coupled with a nonceramic crucible, lends itself extremely well to the production of rather exotic alloys such as titanium aluminides, nitinol shape memory alloys and various other reactive metals.
The name Retriever Waste Management is unique, like our company, and it lends itself to great visual images that we can use to define and brand our services," continued Catona.
Such a poem naturally lends itself to a mature audience, but this is not to say that less weathered readers won't enjoy the witty musings found in Christian Langworthy's poem "Why I Look At Girls": "I look at girls as an act of escapism / While reading books at Barnes & Noble / On the death of poetry.
The puzzles are presented in a print-handwritten style script with diagrams, one that readily lends itself to immediate absorption more quickly than a standard typeface.
He added that the facility lends itself to a variety of uses, including office, research and a possible residential conversion.
Englander is a win-at-any-price tactician - a valuable asset, we suppose, for a political campaign, but not a commodity that lends itself to faithful public service.
It has a non-tacky feel and lends itself to coextrusion and overmolding because it bonds without adhesives to polycarbonate, ABS, nylon 6, TPU, and PVC.
Bottom filling lends itself to progressive solidification, and pressure and flow rates can be adjusted according to the intricacies of the particular die or thickness of different sections.
Therefore, a key question facing strategy executives is whether a completely new category might exist, which also lends itself to music-based personalisation and which could be pursued without cannibalising existing ringtone revenue streams?