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Importantly for Legend we now have a treasury which will enable the systematic nature of our exploration programmes to continue and a new number 2 shareholder on our register who is supportive of our exploration strategies.
"The .350 Legend is a high-performing, straight-walled cartridge that dominates in velocity, energy, recoil and affordability, all of which are vital to our customers," says Matt Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing for Winchester Ammunition.
Tom Beckstrand's column on the .350 Legend omitted information on what guns chamber the new cartridge.
American award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, John Legend, recently spoke out about standing up for human rights for Palestinians while on the "Real Time With Bill Maher" show.
LAHORE -- Singer-cum-actor Asim Azhar has landed in hot water after he claimed that Pakistan's icon singer Hadiqa Kiani is 'not a legend'.
Music Man Kojo Antwi climbed on stage, the dancing floor had no space as the music legend thrilled them with his love songs from reggae, highlife and other genre.
KARACHI -- Sindh Governor Mohammed Zubair Tuesday presided over a high-powered meeting of 'Legend Trust' to recognize and encourage artistes, intellectuals, journalists and legends.
A surprisingly balmy Sunday night on the banks of the River Mersey showed all of these facets of Legend's character, but also gave some insight into the limitations imposed by his style and presentation.
Hong Kong-listed diversified investment group Legend Holdings has said that it would take a stake in Banque Internationale a Luxembourg (BIL).
Using GPS and beacon location technology, they could calculate how far they were from a spot associated with a local legend and then find out more about the legend and location from content on the app downloaded on their devices.
According to Finance Asia's September Issue, on July 9, hundreds of Chinese investors and start-up entrepreneurs flocked to an annual conference held by Legend Holdings.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 19, 2016-Cetera Financial divests Legend Group to Lincoln Investment