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The use of property in such a way that it violates another property owner's expectation of an orderly living environment. For example, a person may refrain from mowing his lawn for so long that field mice infest his yard. This may be a nuisance if the field mice wander over to the neighbors' yards.


An activity that arises from the unreasonable, unwarranted, or unlawful use of one's own property resulting in an obstruction or injury to another property owner or to the public and producing such material annoyance, inconvenience, and discomfort that the law will presume resulting damage.It may consist of noise,smoke,odors,pollution,vibration,interference with rights of passage, maintaining an offensive business, discharge of water, or maintaining a building in a manner that makes it unsafe for others because of falling debris or because of rats or vermin.(Do not confuse with attractive nuisance, a theory of negligence liability for maintaining features attractive to children but likely to harm them.)

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According to Sopar, private televisions have the right not to report certain news, yet the public service has the legal responsibility to inform citizens on all events.
It is urging employers to make the safety of workers their top priority for 2012, and is reminding them of their legal responsibility to ensure lives are not put at risk.
Anyone who cares for someone else's child aged under 16 - or under 18 if disabled - has a legal responsibility to inform the local authority.
He needs correcting on the following points: 1) Merseytravel has no control over bus fares charged by commercial operators; 2) It is our legal responsibility to maintain bus stops, bus stations and other infrastructure; 3) The staff travel concessions were negotiated as part of a wage settlement many years ago; 4) It is untrue that an additional pounds 40,000 has been spent on the Merseytram project.
Mr Brown said: "It is a legal responsibility of all owners or managers of these types of buildings to carry out a self-assessment of fire risk and to ensure adequate safety measures are installed and maintained.
What distinguished Felt from Nixon was the fact that Felt was willing to take full legal responsibility for his actions in authorizing the break-ins, rather than letting his subordinates absorb the blame and face the consequences.
In the case of a stray dog taken to a veterinary surgery, the vet should contact the local authority whose legal responsibility it is for authorisation to treat the animal.
Some time back, it was found that town hall would not be accepted because of legal responsibility.
Lyngtveidt, a lawyer for the privately-owned telecommunications operator Tele2, said that the company would challenge the fine in court as a test of an Internet provider's legal responsibility.
The sewer system has been substantially rehabilitated and is in compliance with environmental regulations except for those combined sewer overflow discharge-related requirements for which the MWRA has accepted legal responsibility.
Gordon: Again, maintaining staff competence with technology is the nursing home's legal responsibility in the first instance.
The survey illustrates consumers' belief that medical organizations have a legal responsibility to alert patients if someone has accessed medical records without the patient's consent, but only 51 percent of consumers think that healthcare providers "know" when someone has accessed patient records.