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The use of property in such a way that it violates another property owner's expectation of an orderly living environment. For example, a person may refrain from mowing his lawn for so long that field mice infest his yard. This may be a nuisance if the field mice wander over to the neighbors' yards.
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An activity that arises from the unreasonable, unwarranted, or unlawful use of one's own property resulting in an obstruction or injury to another property owner or to the public and producing such material annoyance, inconvenience, and discomfort that the law will presume resulting damage.It may consist of noise,smoke,odors,pollution,vibration,interference with rights of passage, maintaining an offensive business, discharge of water, or maintaining a building in a manner that makes it unsafe for others because of falling debris or because of rats or vermin.(Do not confuse with attractive nuisance, a theory of negligence liability for maintaining features attractive to children but likely to harm them.)

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Legal Responsibility in Doctrine of Russian Law and Tax Legislation // Legal Analytic Magazine.
Far from "lionizing" Felt, our article pointedly noted that his "actions were of dubious legality," that his 'judgment was imperfect [and] his motives were mixed." And the observation that Felt took "full legal responsibility referred to his admission of being involved in "black bag operations" targeting domestic terrorists, rather than his conduct as "Deep Throat."
''The Japanese government has legal responsibility for inhumane illegal activities committed by the state power such as the government and the military, including comfort women,'' said a statement issued at the end of a meeting presided over by Prime Minister Lee Hae Chan.
The rationale for this is simple: Because the PEO accepts legal responsibility for complying with employment law (including tax obligations), it needs to maintain some degree of authority.
Speaking on French TV channel France 3 on January 27, French Transport Minister Gilles de Robien mentioned a proposal, suggested by MEP Gilles Savary, which would confer legal responsibility to maritime authorities for shipwrecks.
The effort included outreach to ICPAS members with an e-mail on essential investment management practices and highlighted a new guide for people who have the legal responsibility for managing another person's money--Prudent Investment Practices, written by the Foundation for Fiduciary Studies and technically reviewed by the AICPA.
Legal Requirements for Business Records contains federal statutes, regulations, revenue rulings, and procedures for all industries; state statutes and regulations for general business requirements; state government agency requirements for recordkeeping and records technology; court cases providing state and federal court rulings on recordkeeping practices; international recordkeeping requirements from more than 45 countries, including Canada, England, France, and Spain; and reference material covering issues, such as records retention, legal requirements for information technology systems, and legal responsibility for records.
Two key chapters in the book deal with the legal responsibility of teachers to document and report cases of child abuse and neglect, and to advocate for the right of every child to be raised in an environment free from maltreatment.
The BOD holds legal responsibility for the organisation and for oversight of the advancement of the strategic direction.
However, the companies claim that they are not liable for damage or casualties on the ground, and that they have no legal responsibility for victims who were not aboard the four hijacked aircraft, reported The Associated Press.
Mark, who cited a number of reasons why physicians reject the OFHN model, including downloading all legal responsibility and insurance risk onto the doctors,
We decided that two issues in particular were likely to be picked up by journalists, regardless of whether we highlighted them: prenatal selection on the basis of behavioral traits, and legal responsibility. We produced a press release that carefully explained our position on these points rather than one aimed at maximizing coverage.

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