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An agreed-upon, stated amount one pays for a service or privilege. For example, one may be required to pay a fee to attend college, to open an account with a brokerage, or to do any number of other things. Fees are stated and are usually standardized for the person or organization receiving them.


the payments to professional persons such as lawyers and accountants for performing services on behalf of clients.
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Sir Anthony had concluded it was not in the public interest for her to have legal representation at public expense because she was not likely to be criticised during the inquiry or in its report.
Unlike defendants in criminal court proceedings, children facing deportation proceedings are not entitled to legal representation.
Charalambidou also said two lawyers, over the last six years, were paid e1/4460,000 for state-offered legal representation cases, but when their tax returns were checked by the Internal Revenue Department, it was identified that these returns did not match the pair's stated income.
HMG does not provide legal representation for British nationals overseas.
However in a further case, relating to a teaching assistant who could have been reported to the Independent Safeguarding Authority as a result of a disciplinary hearing, the court held that legal representation should not be allowed at the hearing.
1 l(d) of the Charter give criminal defendants the right to counsel if legal representation is necessary to ensure that the accused obtains a fair trial.
Mr Mc-Cann has argued that he requires separate legal representation, but has demonstrated no serious conflict of legal interest to justify this.
They also have access to AIG TS Panel Council law firms that can provide expert EPL legal representation to these small commercial insureds at favorable rates," he said.
Marblehead, MA), a provider of information, training and consulting products and services for the healthcare regulation and compliance markets, and Stevens & Lee (New York), a firm that offers legal representation to healthcare providers and organizations in their efforts to manage risk and control loss, have launched The Healthcare Risk Management Institute (HRMI; hcriskinstitute.
Cleveland is a full-time volunteer for Immigration Legal Services, providing pro bono legal representation for low-income, foreign-born clients who are seeking asylum in the U.
Instead, the Justice Department is pursuing a course that threatens the Sixth Amendment right to legal representation by exposing just about any attorney who represents a suspected terrorist to the risk of prosecution, thereby discouraging lawyers from taking such cases or, if they do, from representing their clients zealously.

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