legal list

Legal list

A list of high-quality debt and equity securities chosen by a state agency that are acceptable holdings for fiduciary institutions.

Approved List

A list of companies and other investments in which certain organizations like state-chartered banks, insurance companies, and pensions are allowed to invest. The components of approved lists vary from state to state, but most approved lists contain low-risk, low-return investments designed to maintain the organizations' sustainability and protect the principal placed in them. An approved list is also called a legal list.

legal list

The list of securities designated eligible as investments by institutions such as life insurance companies, restricted trust funds, and commercial banks. Such lists are generally limited to relatively high-grade securities of issuers exhibiting little chance of default. Also called approved list.
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And the Government of Canada takes COSEWIC's designations into consideration when establishing the legal list of wildlife species at risk under SARA.
Beyond serving just students, Professor Baron served the entire Bar by creating a South Dakota specific family law book, preparing summaries of South Dakota Supreme Court opinions and managing the legal list serv.
In this case, limitations are drawing up the legal list of objectives for investment of endowment funds; state and municipal securities of Kyrgyzstan; shares of public corporations; investment and coop share funds; bank deposits; real estate facilities must be added to this list by all means.
H6: The existence of a legal list (List) will result in a lower percentage of assets being placed in particular types of investments than would otherwise be the case.
DLA Piper has been recognized as the 2012 International Franchise Law Firm of the Year by Who's Who Legal list for the eighth consecutive year.
Only two of the 16 states where medical marijuana is legal list PTSD as a condition making people eligible for treatment, and they are likely to face resistance in attempting to study the benefits of a substance still banned under federal law.
In addition, candidates are sourced through job boards, legal list serves, recommendations, word of mouth as well as my personal knowledge of many of the candidates in the industry...
"We proposed a legal list to protect the people, which was approved by the Council of Ministers," he said.
Next November, a workshop in Aden will be organized to Fund's officials to discuss the fund's legal list and enrich it with notes to be presented to Ministry of Social Affairs and labor, he added.
However, these species have not been added to the legal list under SARA, largely because of consultation issues or socioeconomic considerations.
The clause is just one condition in a 3,000 word legal list of do's and don'ts for the eager hopefuls.
Trustees restricted to the legal list of investments are required to preserve the capital of the trust without taking unnecessary risks.