legal capital

Legal capital

Value at which a company's shares are recorded in its books.

Legal Capital

The par value of all of a company's shares outstanding. Legal capital may not be distributed as dividends, or as anything else. It is also called stated capital.

legal capital

Capital that by law or resolution must remain within a firm and that is restricted for purposes of dividends or other distributions. Legal capital is generally equal to the par or stated value of all outstanding stock. Also called stated capital.
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Seal Software, 8of9 and D2Legal Technology, providers of expert legal capital market documentation solutions, will host a webinar on Thursday, Sept.
also in the light of the Netherlands' role and reputation as Legal Capital of
I call on the Dutch government to do so, also in the light of the Netherlands' role and reputation as Legal Capital of the World.
The Italian lender will establish its first branch in Turkey with a starting share capital equivalent to USD 300 million, the minimum necessary legal capital for starting a banking business in Turkey.
Central banks calculate all banks' CAR to ensure that it can absorb sizeable losses, while keeping up with the legal capital requirements, stipulated by the regulator.
Talking on SAMA's perspective in implementing Basel III, Al-Hamidy pointed out that Saudi Control Law (BCL) already provides for a clear definition of capital and also provides for legal capital, liquidity and leverage ratios and limits on large exposures.
Dezalay (emeritus, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) and Garth (law, Southwestern Law School, US) present 12 papers that explore the role of lawyers "as brokers who constantly renegotiate the interchange between social relations and what is considered to be law" by converting social, political, and economic capital into legal processes and simultaneously mobilizing legal capital in social and economic interactions.
5 million, higher than half of the current historical legal capital of Dh550 million.
Advised in Birmingham is a Birmingham Law Society initiative to promote Birmingham as a legal capital.
Otherwise, the risk is simply that legal capital flight will grow larger rather than reverse direction, as it now needs to do.
But the more established silver mine owners and landowners near Sucre, who supported the overthrown Conservatives, still had enough power to keep Sucre as the legal capital.
said Thursday its shareholders approved a proposal to tap into 1 trillion yen of its legal capital reserves at their extraordinary meeting earlier in the day to replenish dwindling retained earnings and strengthen group finances.