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Level of priority in the trading crowd.
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Having a sufficient stake in the outcome of a dispute so as to justify a court in believing that the party will vigorously defend or pursue the rights at issue in litigation.The concept of standing used to be very narrow, so that if a property owner contracted for selective cutting of timber, but the timber company clear-cut and left a devastated wasteland behind, only the property owner could sue for damages because he or she was the only one with standing.Today, the concept has been expanded and would probably include adjoining landowners and even public interest groups who would be recognized as having standing and the ability to sue the timber company.

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If you're using a saucer or pot cover, make sure there is no water left standing at the bottom after watering.
A water main break left standing water in one of John F Kennedy International Airport's left standing water inside one of the main international terminals and forced a shutdown of in-bound international flights, according to the Port Authority.
Alfred Vargas (second from left, standing) and Diana Zubiri (third from left) with Rudy and Antoinette Ngo (center) and the other guests (from left standing) Jojo Gabinete, Reginald Yu, Hubert Chua, Chris Badiola, (seated from left) Emelie and George Siy and the author
Citizens appreciated that Badin city administration, cognizant of the emerging situation, immediately deputed relevant staff to ensure that water is not left standing on the roads.
It's obvious that only one queen will be left standing towards the end of the series.
He sneered that "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" when he was left standing after Typhoon Theresa passed through.
Querrey is now the only seed left standing after number four Leonardo Mayer was also sent crashing out at the quarter-final stage, beaten by Denis Istomin, who will next face Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis.
Nashville, TN, April 16, 2015 --( One Left Standing, the debut EP from country-pop artist and BMI songwriter, Chloe Caroline, ranked no.
Our Take: As innovative and nimble as these companies are, the few that will be left standing will likely play marginal roles in the shadow of the big boys.
The Masters event brought together 48 of DFBC's top players -- 32 men and 16 women -- with the playing field halved with each round of two games, until only one man and one woman were left standing.

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