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Level of priority in the trading crowd.


Having a sufficient stake in the outcome of a dispute so as to justify a court in believing that the party will vigorously defend or pursue the rights at issue in litigation.The concept of standing used to be very narrow, so that if a property owner contracted for selective cutting of timber, but the timber company clear-cut and left a devastated wasteland behind, only the property owner could sue for damages because he or she was the only one with standing.Today, the concept has been expanded and would probably include adjoining landowners and even public interest groups who would be recognized as having standing and the ability to sue the timber company.

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The decision could mean the derelict hotel will be left standing for many more years to come.
After an onslaught of free Internet service providers (ISPs), those left standing have turned to charging their customers.
Vezzoli appears for a moment as a groom left standing at the altar, so while he's still modestly in his project, he nevertheless remains politely in the shadow of his diva.
There was no replanting, no trees left standing for reseeding, and areas devoid of pines were left unsightly and environmentally devastated.
Witness the contention of two South African researchers that they have statistically slashed through the thicket of proposed hominid species and left standing only the main stem of human evolution.
He became ill after performing two concerts on Saturday night - the first was the band's scheduled sold out show at Wembley Arena which lasted two and a half hours - and the second an unannounced surprise semi acoustic set which thrilled as many fans as could be jammed into London's Cuckoo Club at 4 am on Sunday morning with hundreds left standing outside.
God knows how he felt when, after beating the show's creator Ricky Gervais to the Best Comedy Actor award, he went up to receive it only to be left standing there while host Jonathan Ross spoke to Gervais, via a satellite link, to see what he thought about it all.
Guess which one is left standing at the end of the movie?
More than 80 pensioners were left standing in the cold when a fire alarm caused them to evacuate a building in Newcastle.
Only one building, containing nine classrooms, was left standing at Avon Valley School, in Newbold Road, Rugby.
Witnesses said traffic was left standing for several miles on the eastbound carriageway after a car and van collided between junction 36 Sarn and junction 35 Pencoed.
The 29-year-old was left standing in his underwear after the thug forced him at knifepoint to hand over his clothing.