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To maintain ownership of a security over a long period of time. "Hold" is also a recommendation of an analyst who is not positive enough on a stock to recommend a buy, but not negative enough on the stock to recommend a sell.


1. To not sell. That is, to continue to own a security. See also: Buy-and-hold strategy.

2. A recommendation by an analyst to neither buy nor sell a security. An analyst makes a hold recommendation when technical and/or fundamental indicators show middling performance by a security. It is also called a neutral or market perform recommendation.


A securities analyst's recommendation to hold appears to take a middle ground between encouraging investors to buy and suggesting that they sell.

However, in an environment where an analyst makes very few sell recommendations, you may interpret that person's hold as an indication that it is time to sell.

Hold is also half of the investment strategy known as buy-and-hold. In this context, it means to keep a security in your portfolio over an extended period, perhaps ten years or more.

The logic is that if you purchase an investment with long-term potential and keep it through short-term ups and downs in the marketplace, you increase the potential for building portfolio value.

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Without this information we are left guessing, at best, or at worst are left holding the bag.
If the taxpayers are left holding the bag for the markets' failure to punish ratings agencies that provide unreliable assessments of risks, the public has a right to demand reform.
Again bus riders are going to be the ones left holding the bag.
The rogue underwriter was then long gone and his former insurance company was left holding the bag.
The Gemini appeared in 1981, and the guys who sell mattresses hated it: They had to stock enough inventory to accommodate all sorts of combinations, but were left holding the bag -- literally -- when inventory didn't match forecasts.
Congress is leaving town with the checkbook in hand, while cities are still left holding the bag.
After a few years, the shell company declares bankruptcy, workers are laid off, suppliers and other creditors are left holding the bag, and the shell investors (often under a limited liability umbrella) walk away with their bank accounts full from the previous few years of operations.
A PUBLICAN was left holding the bag after more than pounds 9,000 worth of euro coins were delivered to his pub due to a bank blunder.
So the irony was rich several months ago, when the National Governors Association, including top Republicans like New York's George Pataki, complained that the states were being left holding the bag on welfare.
Thousands of our fellow Pennsylvanians will lose their jobs and taxpayers will be left holding the bag," Young said.
Grinke of McCathern in Dallas adds he predicts his clients and others involved in lawsuits against the West, Texas facility that exploded last month will "be left holding the bag.
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