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From what follows, it is not difficult to determine that the Duke orders Angelo to enforce the laws against lechery, and in a most effective manner.
His excessive, threatening lechery is a comic mockery of the threat of male sexuality, contained as it is in a body that, according to the show's rhetoric, poses no threat: in spite of his frequent propositions and lewd innuendoes, Elaine (played by Marilu Henner) effortlessly deflects DePalma's advances.
Anne McClintock demonstrates this in her discussion of how in imperial ideology, 'working-class women [were figured as] biologically driven to lechery and excess' (86) whereas the middle-class were defined by both economic and sexual restraint (100).
Thus is Pepys's frenzied lechery evoked in one delightful, albeit barely intelligible, quotation: "mi mano was sobra her pectus, and so did hazer with grand delight.
Lechery, cowardice, senile weakness, low cunning, and wounded pride are all displayed in the manner of puppet theater, with decisive figuration and vigorous grace seemingly more valued than nuance or ambiguity.
17) Martin Ingram has noted "a sizeable minority of men" arrested for lechery in fifteenth-century London, and argued that the 1690-1730s reformation of manners campaigns were not especially unique.
Then prosecutor Waldemar Smarzewski, now Warsaw's chief prosecutor, said: "There were about 70 charges of rape, attempted rape, lechery with kids, endangering a child's life and attempted murder.
A vigorous campaign against lechery begins under Angelo's rule, and one of the first to suffer is Claudio, sentenced to death for making his lover, Juliet, pregnant.
Despite its murky image and legal problems, thousands of new businesses have sprung up in the last five years, offering all the eye popping lechery that money can buy.
A demonic lechery runs through so many of Ludlam's plays; his first big success (Bluebeard) was famous for its nude seduction scene.
The book includes chapters such as Lechery at 30,000 Feet, The Ferret in First Class, Unusual Upgrading Attempts and I Thought This Plane was Heading for Jamaica.
Life is one big party for the Monday night crew until the inevitable hangover - gambling, lechery, rudderless arrogance and other abuses occur until the perfect play-by-play team disintegrates.