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One of the best things about essay collections as varied as Sweet Lechery is that they serve as a sampler of a wider spectrum of culture than most books, and often introduce new writers, artists, and other figures in the process.
After the Wife completes her tale, which despite its remote setting 'In th'olde dayes of the Kyng Arthour' (85 7), is still able to find room for a sly allusion to the lechery of friars (874-81), the Friar tells a tale about a summoner who is dragged off to Hell by a devil he has foolishly befriended.
Again, as Leatherhead's hand becomes the 'material haunting' of Puppet Cupid's lechery, so also the puppeteer becomes the 'material haunting' of Dionysius's painted mouth: the prop of a prop.
Unfortunately, because the manuscript was mutilated before the end of the sixteenth century, only three pairs of the opposing figures survive: a male Envy rides a wolf toward Charity; a male Gluttony on a bear approaches Abstinence, who has turned away but looks over her shoulder at him; and a female Lechery riding a goat moves toward Chastity.
There is no difficulty about the Procession of the Deadly Sins, shambling two-by-two, bemired and slothful, but lashed forward through the fog by Satan amid the crowd's acclamations, over ill-doers' wreckage: Idleness and Gluttony, who introduce Lechery and Avarice, followed by Envy and Wrath--Gluttony lurching on the pig which carries him and swigging from a 'boozing-can'; Avarice counting his pennies upon his paralytic knees (I iv).
to drown out the extremists' distorted message." He was joined by Orthodox Rabbi Dov Linzer, dean of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School in the River-dale section of the Bronx, who wrote a similar condemnation of extremist behavior in a January op-ed in The New York Times, entitled "Lechery, Immodesty and the Talmud."
The curtain parted to reveal a member of the troupe standing in a glittering kuffiyya and sunglasses, his thawb pulled up to his thighs, occasionally emitting a chuckle that at once suggested lechery and dim-wittedness.
The Leader said even the most radical feministic views in the West are hitting a blow at women because they have turned women into an instrument for men's lust and lechery.
He thoughtfully supplies translations of one general confessional formulary and a sample interrogatory on lechery in the appendices, and readers would do well to take his advice and read those first.
But Oscar-winning actor Irons said that despite the corruption, poisonings and lechery portrayed in the new TV series, audiences will see his character as a man 'who we are not able to simply judge as totally outrageously evil, but a pragmatic man with a great appetite for life'.
He was as well known for his gluttony and voracious appetite for gourmet food, drink, and lechery as he was for his poetry, faux pastorals with shepherdesses and woolly sheep all over the green hillocks of Arcadia.
safe from the scorpion of lechery, the unicorn of anger, where you