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They are also reluctant to start a business in a leap year.
Mr Webb added: "A leap year wedding will save them a few bob in anniversary presents - I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it in the first place
29 birthday appear once every four years, Christopher said the best thing about being a leap year baby is telling people that he is one and seeing their reaction.
In Finland the tradition is that if a man refuses a woman's proposal on Leap Year day he has to buy her fabrics for a skirt - apparently women know this and propose in order to expand their wardrobe
In some northern European countries, on leap year day women are allowed to propose marriage to men.
Leap Year is directed by Anand Tucker and stars Matthew Goode and Adam Scott besides Adams.
For example, there was no leap year in 1900 but one was observed in 2000.
2m [pounds sterling] marketing push including radio and press with the tagline 'Happy leap year, with love from Galaxy'.
Leap Year Publishing LLC says it has a clear and focused corporate mission: to develop, design and produce quality products and bring them to its customers at a value price.
This calendar collated years into groups of four, with three successive years of 365 days followed by a fourth year, known as a leap year and consisting of 366 days.
Also signing new leases in the ITC are the Toy Play LLC division of The Betesh Group (licensed juvenile products including an all new play tent category); Bendon Publishing International (a full-line of children's publishing formats); H&W Import & Export (toys); Leap Year Publishing (puzzles, arts & crafts, stationery); Phidal Publishing Limited (children's books); and M&T Bank, which has signed a multiyear lease for street level space at 1097 Broadway.