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A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or downturn.


The stocks with the highest trading volume over a given period of time. Leadership may give an indication of future market movements. That is, a large amount of interest in certain stocks may mean that the market will continue to be interested in them. Leadership may be either good or bad for the market. For example, poor leadership may result from too much speculation, while solid leadership comes from sustainable investing practices. It is also called market leadership.


An active stock that tends to lead the general market in price movements. For example, strength and activity may have made a stock a leader in a recent upward market movement.
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The city's 300,000 Palestinian Arabs are political orphans and totally leaderless.
The Congress is leaderless, how will it run the country?
The HRW said that the government should appoint an independent body to nominate the new commissioners after it allowed the terms of all commissioners to lapse on September 16, leaving the commission leaderless and Nepali citizens with even less protection than before.
The founder and chairman of the program, Farzana Raja had resigned after the new government took over, leaving the organization totally leaderless.
What followed were a few false dawns and a decade later back where we started in the third tier, leaderless and virtually homeless
The conclave of cardinals to decide the next pope could begin sooner than expected so the Church are not leaderless at Easter.
These scenes are the result of three factors: the broken barrier of fear from a leaderless revolution, the lack of responsible leadership, and the lack of political stability in light of the current deadlock.
Dr Jekyll became Mr Hyde or, if you prefer, "dissociative identity disorder" as they transformed from confident competence to a witless, shapeless, gutless, leaderless shambles, with a management bench looking on in uninspired bemusement.
With no viable alternative on the horizon, Netanyahu is expected to easilybe re-elected as prime minister: He is riding a wave of popularity and hisopposition is fragmented and leaderless.
Lone wolf terror and the rise of leaderless resistance.
With Esmail Mattar and Anas Bani Yaseen injured, Eric Mouloungui out until January and since replaced by Sharjah's Marcelinho, Al Wahda were then left leaderless before their first game of the season after coach Branko Ivankovic had to return to Croatia after his mother passed away.
The Republican candidate for vice president said that the United States is today leaderless.