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Payment of a financial obligation earlier than is expected or required.


A heavy metal shown to cause learning disabilities, behavioral problems, seizures, and even death in children.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 3 to 4 million children had elevated lead levels in their blood in 1978. The number has now been reduced to several hundred thousand, but elevated lead levels in blood is still the leading environmentally induced illness in children.

Federal law that went into effect in 1996 requires sellers and landlords of properties built before 1978 (when lead-based paint became illegal) to do the following before any contract or lease becomes final:

1. Provide a copy of the EPA booklet, “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home.”
2. Disclose any known information concerning lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards.
3. Provide any records and reports on lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards.
4. Include an attachment to the contract or lease (or language inserted in the lease itself) that includes a lead warning statement and confirms that the seller or landlord has complied with all notification requirements.
5. Provide home buyers a 10-day period to conduct a paint inspection or risk assessment for lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards.

References in classic literature ?
Bring me the two most precious things in the city," said God to one of His Angels; and the Angel brought Him the leaden heart and the dead bird.
The gold he rejects, the silver too, and lays his hand upon the leaden casket.
The sea had turned a dull leaden grey and grown rougher, and was now tossing foaming whitecaps to the sky.
I only waited to put the matches near the candle before I extinguished it, and groped my way back into the sitting-room, I locked that door, as I had locked my bedroom door--then quietly got out of the window, and cautiously set my feet on the leaden roof of the verandah.
I passed the dark window of the spare room, trying the leaden roof at each step with my foot before I risked resting my weight on it.
His hands,' taking up one of them, which dropped like a leaden weight, 'get numbed.
And these leaden clouds that never part are apt to create impatience even in the filial affection that streams forth in nothing but tenderness and pity in the time of more obvious affliction.
Based on Rosalie Ham's novel, this is leaden, almost supernaturally unfunny stuff that raises about as many chuckles as a video nasty.
It wrote: "Farrell is earnest but leaden in a tedious role, overshadowed by all three of his co-stars, despite being ostensibly the show's closest thing to a protagonist.
The firm makes lead carbon batteries, a type of battery that substitutes the leaden negative electrode for one made of activated carbon.
Farrell also read the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem 'The Leaden Echo And The Golden Echo' at her funeral and spoke later about how much he missed her.
Will Smith plays down his charm, leaving young Jaden to carry this rather leaden and underwhelming sci-fi tale.