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After 30 minutes of stable anaesthesia, positive pressure ventilation and laser ablation, a sudden and marked ST segment elevation occurred in ECG lead II followed by cardiovascular collapse with profound hypotension (Figure 1).
Model simplex a-r) of limb lead II was recorded continuously by subcutaneous needle electrodes.
The water samples were reacted with sodium sulfide (Na2S) to produce lead II sulfide (PbS) if lead was present in the water.
For Group II patients, this is an O2 saturation of 89% or an arterial pO2 between 56-59 torr as long as they also have a secondary diagnosis of either pedal edema, polycythemia, a history of CHF or "p pulmonale" (an elevated p wave > 3 mm in lead II, III or AVF that is associated with cor pulmonale).
The mean (SD) heart rate calculated from the lead II was 338.