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A jirga of the tribal elders of 12 union councils of Kabal which was held in Kanju recently and announced May 20 deadline for the fugitive militants to lay down arms and surrender before the security forces.
Following the proposal, the rebels who lay down arms and are willing to return home will be reunited with their families, rehabilitated and provided jobs in Kashmir.
ANKARA, Turkey: Turkey's government is considering other ways to make Kurdish rebels lay down arms besides military operations, Interior Minister Besir Atalay said Monday, though granting fighters amnesty was not among immediate plans.
Indeed, the pro-government media outlets had been suggesting that the PKK would lay down arms before the Dolmabahce meeting and they ran headlines saying that the PKK was bidding farewell to arms after the meeting.
Rebels announced they would also lay down arms if an agreement is signed with them.
But he maintained that there would be no talks with those unwilling to lay down arms.
The Political Secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement, Issa Mustafa, has called on the all gun-holders in Sudan to lay down arms and sit for serious dialogue, pointing out that the political manifesto of the Movement is based establishment of a civil, pluralism and democratic state.
In an interview in New York with Wall Street Journal, Nawaz Sharif also spelled out the conditions that Pakistani Taliban would have to accept if his government proceeded with a peace deal with the militant group, demanding that they lay down arms and recognize Pakistan's constitution.
Adam, who was addressing a rally organized by the women of South Kordofan state in Khartoum yesterday, called upon the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement/North (SPLM-N) leader, Abd Al-Aziz al-Hilu, and other arms bearers to learn the lesson from their predecessors and lay down arms and join peace.
BRUSSELS, March 22 (KUNA) -- The European Union Thursday welcomed Kurdish PKK imprisoned leader Abdullah Ocalan's call on his group to lay down arms and withdraw beyond Turkey's borders.
Washington, Jumada I 17, 1433, Apr 9, 2012, SPA -- The United States on Monday dismissed Syrian demands for written guarantees that rebels would lay down arms as a stalling tactic.
She added that the Syrian opposition has armed groups within its ranks equipped with up-to-date weapons, instigated by foreign powers who ask them not to lay down arms and to reject dialogue with the Syrian government.