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The size of a two-dimensional space. One calculates the area by multiplying the area's length by its width.
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A measurement of the square footage contained within certain boundaries.
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This is a follow-up study of 4 patients that we selected based on tumor localization in perisylvian language areas. The patients (P1, P2, P3, and P4) were diagnosed with a glioma in the language dominant left hemisphere as identified with fMRI (see structural MRI scans for tumor localization in Figure 1 and resection cavity in Figure 2).
The author found positive effects of cooperative learning compared to traditional learning on both, math and language areas, but the advantages were greater for the field dependents; a fact that could demonstrate their preference to social situations.
Ngurungaeta 'were men of distinguished achievement; certain of them were so eminent that their wishes were obeyed by all clans' within a language area, 'and their religious authority was acknowledged far beyond the region' (Barwick 1984:107-8).
Conversely, other maps depict characteristics that apply to languages as a whole such as the distribution of language families, language areas, or official languages, as well as speaker percentages or rates of bilingualism.
The blue line indicates the extent of the Lithuanian language area in 1876.
Counties which were smaller and possibly militarily weaker were situated in the core of the language area.
There is a tiny language area in the right hemisphere too.
Hannover Finanz is a capital investor, which is specialized in the German language area. Together with its Austrian subsidiary, Hannover Finanz Austria, the investment company supports German and Austrian SME with management buyouts and finances their growth.
His own study is largely based on data extracted from university registers (Universitatsmatrikeln) that recorded student enrollments and other related information for the universities--both in and beyond the German language area of Europe--at which students hailing from the Constance diocese enrolled during the period between the years 1430 and 1550.
Search queries correspond to those of regular search engines, with indication of the language area, search with operands, etc.
Using the Djabwurrung language area of Ararat, Stawell, and Hamilton, the 40 or so clans speaking the Djabwurrung tongue will serve as a case study.

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