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The typical solar lease is a sophisticated agreement, carefully drafted to protect the solar company's investment, and a potential trap for the landowner. Thoughtful review and negotiation can help landowners realize many of the benefits promised at the start of the leasing process if the project succeeds, and minimize the landowner's expenses if it doesn't.
After calculating forest cover and area for each parcel, the list of possible survey recipients was reduced by excluding federal- and state-owned parcels, land owned by Timber Investment Management Organizations and Real Estate Investment Trusts, and any land owned by a limited liability company to ensure that our sample consisted of NIPF landowners. Names and addresses of NIPF landowners with at least 10 acres of forest were randomly selected for the survey by generating a random number attached to each landowner in a database.
* Permitting the landowner's use of property not affected by the solar farm;
The NC Sandhills SHA has enhanced the Service's ability to work directly with private landowners and build trusting relationships.
the landowner. (25) However, because the statute also allows an easement
The commissioners--recognizing that this policy was unnecessary, accomplished nothing and was burdening landowners --decided to change it so that landowners could build their accessory structures first.
“Many landowners mistakenly assume that managing timber through harvesting trees harms the environment,” explains Jim Griffith, registered forester.
The CLA's action plan to tackle environmental crime calls for the Government to ensure local authorities can accept fly-tipped waste without charge to landowners, an end to the prosecution of landowners who have waste dumped on their land and have to pay to remove it and the creation of the right policy framework for local authorities to work with police forces on a zero-tolerance approach.
'Even if the mining operations cannot proceed, the landowners will also not to able to use the land for other purposes, including agriculture activities,' he told reporters at a briefing on the direction of bauxite mining in Felda Bukit Goh, here, today.
He added that initially Governor Mohammed Abubakar intended to pay them their money in bulk but he was forced to divide it into five instalments due to the dwindling of resources and appeal to the landowners to continue to cooperate with the government to enable them settle all their entitlements in good time.
CLA Cymru, which represents landowners, said farmers should not be responsible for clearing up other people's rubbish.
Ms Williams added: "Almost twothirds of farmers and landowners have been affected by fly-tipping in Wales and England - over half of them agree that this is a significant issue in their area.