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A region or country with no coastline or with only an inland sea. In commerce, infrastructure such as roads, railroads or airports is required to transport cargo to a landlocked area.


Without access to public streets or roads. The owner of property that is landlocked may file suit to obtain an easement by necessity across another's land, but it must be a route that places the least burden on the other property.

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Absent evidence to the contrary, the court accepted that any future conveyance of the subject by plaintiffs would not give rise to a right-of-way over the residential lot via an easement by necessity, rather it would simply constitute a transfer of landlocked land.
1st DCA 2005), the court did not permit the owner of the landlocked parcel of land to utilize the land for the operation of a hunt club.
At the end of the Conference, Programme of Action for Landlocked Developing Countries for the Decade 2014-2024 and Vienna Declaration were adopted.
This port could work as a regional economic hub by providing potential access point to landlocked Central Asia States via Afghanistan.
We want to develop a sea-air model and see how we can fit and connect with the landlocked countries in Africa.
The inadequacy of infrastructure is a huge obstacle to trade, competitiveness and sustainable development in most African countries, especially in case of landlocked countries or islands.
A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids pairs lovely painted color portraits of mermaids with discussions of modern women caught in their own emotions and dilemmas.
Connecting landlocked developing countries to markets; trade corridors in the 21st century.
We were in waders and hip boots, electro-shocking sections of the Stillwater River feeding into Wachusett Reservoir to determine the health of numerous species that live there, particularly landlocked salmon.
CONFIRMING India's fears of Lashkar- e- Tayyeba's ( LeT) expanding network in Afghanistan, Time magazine has claimed that the proscribed terror group has established its presence in five provinces in the landlocked country.
They said Pakistan, a key trade partner of the landlocked country, offered them the nearest transit route.
Summary: In this special feature nCa contributor M Zafar Haider Jappa looks at landlocked countries of Eastern Europe and Caucasus.