land trust

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Land Trust

1. A trust in which a grantor deposits one or more pieces of real estate. A trustee is given the right to manage the real estate. All profits or other gains are given to a beneficiary chosen by the grantor.

2. A government or private nonprofit organization responsible for managing and conserving real estate, especially undeveloped or unspoiled land. Such trusts exist to prevent environmental degradation of the land.

land trust

A trust in which land is the only asset. See trust.

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The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust started in 1985 with a small number of volunteers and has grown into an organization with talented staff and over 2,500 local members.
com)-- North Florida Land Trust is honored to recognize two people this year as their 2017 Volunteer of the Year.
The Cooper Square Community Land Trust, which was established in 1991, started as an effort against a 1959 urban renewal program that aimed to demolish an eleven-block stretch of the Lower East Side.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 22, 2017-Texas Pacific Land Trust declares 14th consecutive year of increased annual dividend
The Appraisal Institute and the Land Trust Alliance announced Oct.
The Land Trust, which manages sites like Monkton Community Wood near Hebburn, Weetslade Country Park in North Shields and Northumberlandia, says the level of help it is receiving has increased by more than half in the past year.
Opacum Land Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization.
AT LAST LAST A , T LAST, Granby4Streets Community Land Trust has possession often houses in Cairns Street, which will be renovated and available to make homes in a wonderful area of Liverpool.
Director of Cornwall Community Land Trust Alan Fox says they have built homes for around PS100,000 in some of the county's most expensive beauty spots like Rock, where properties sell for more than PS5m.
A HOUSING group and local community land trust have scooped a national award.
Although the land trust model can also be used to avoid taxes and preserve personal or corporate wealth, in this context, it is a nonprofit, charitable organization that, as all or part of its mission, actively works with landowners and the community to conserve land and control its use.