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A set line denoting the extremities of a country, government, legal jurisdiction or property. Borders for governments or jurisdictions are agreed between parties or set by a higher authority. Borders between properties are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new borders within his old property.


The perimeter of a property as fixed in the legal property description. Boundary line disputes are common,emotional,and often end up in years of litigation and sometimes mayhem.If one is buying property in a subdivision, it is advisable to have the seller locate and point out the markers at the corners of the property.These may or may not be consistent with fence lines, shrubberies, driveways, or even structures built on the wrong side of the boundary.If buying nonsubdivision property, employ the services of a licensed professional surveyor to determine the proper boundary.

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The Land Boundary Agreement 1974 between India and Bangladesh is also among the bills.
Additional protocols for 1974 Land Boundary Agreement, signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Dhaka in September 2011, require a constitutional amendment for ratification as these involve exchange of land in 111 Indian enclaves in Bangladesh and 51 Bangladeshi enclaves on Indian soil.
According to the experience of the Police, land boundary control points are black spots for certain illegal activities.
DESPITE opposition from various political parties, the UPA government is keen on pushing through a constitution amendment bill on the India- Bangladesh land boundary agreement in Parliament to signal its commitment on the issue to Dhaka.
The Foreign Secretary is likely to discuss the Constitution Amendment Bill on the land boundary agreement with Bangladesh.
Tenders are invited for Digital Topographical Survey in connection with Providing And Fixing Of Rcc Poles For Demarcating The Land Boundary Of Iari Assam At Dirpai Chapori Gogamukh Assam
During the meeting, Khurshid reassured Moni about his intention to introduce a constitutional amendment related to the Land Boundary Agreement during the Winter Session of Parliament.
It's learnt that she will also press for the signing of the land boundary agreement and the Teesta water treaty which is stuck following the reservations expressed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
The parcel is on Kettering's south boundary and extends the land boundary of Kettering University to the banks of the Flint River.
4 kilograms of different kinds of suspected dangerous drugs with an estimated market value of about $22 million at various land boundary and railway control points in the past two months.
The government couldn't see through some of its key legislations such as the Food Security Bill, the Land Acquisition Bill and the ascent to land boundary agreement with Bangladesh.
It maybe recalled that the Indian Union Cabinet approves amendment bill on India - Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement, 1974 on February 14, 2013.