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A set line denoting the extremities of a country, government, legal jurisdiction or property. Borders for governments or jurisdictions are agreed between parties or set by a higher authority. Borders between properties are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new borders within his old property.


The perimeter of a property as fixed in the legal property description. Boundary line disputes are common,emotional,and often end up in years of litigation and sometimes mayhem.If one is buying property in a subdivision, it is advisable to have the seller locate and point out the markers at the corners of the property.These may or may not be consistent with fence lines, shrubberies, driveways, or even structures built on the wrong side of the boundary.If buying nonsubdivision property, employ the services of a licensed professional surveyor to determine the proper boundary.

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Sources said while Dhaka had not insisted on Chetia's extradition as a package deal, expediting the land boundary agreement that is expected to be taken up in the coming session of Parliament.
The Union Cabinet, in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, gave its nod to the draft of the Constitutional Bill to amend the India-Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement, 1974, official sources said in New Delhi.
I am happy that we have today exchanged all the signed Strip Maps of the land boundary as part of the implementation of the 1974 Land Boundary Agreement and its 2011 Protocol," Khurshid said.
Singh said that early action would be taken on land boundary ratification, but added that an amendment to Parliament has to be brought for that.
The two sides during the talks, which were held in a friendly and cordial atmosphere, discussed the land boundary in the Sir Creek area and also delimitation of International Maritime Boundary between India and Pakistan.
Manmohan Singh to Dhaka, both sides entered into a protocol to the agreement concerning the demarcation of the land boundary between the two sides and related matters.
Tenders are invited for Manufacturing, supplying and erection of Land Boundary pillar as per Land plan at various locations as per type plan, Construction of Wing wall and Return wall of Br.
The protocol to the agreement concerning the demarcation of the Land Boundary between India and Bangladesh and related matters was signed during the Prime Minister's recent two-day visit to Bangladesh.
The opposition has launched a series of protests in Assam after the Prime Minister during his recent visit to Dhaka signed the protocol to the 1974 land boundary demarcation between the two countries was also signed.
Tenders are invited for final location survey for the third line with electrification between duvvada and vijayawada stations (335 km) a soil investigation, geological investigations for bridges by drilling bore holes, collecting samples, calculation of water-way requirement for bridges, fixing of alignment, pegging out centre line, taking levels and preparation of gads for important/major/minor bridges/robs/rubs, preparation of project sheets, index plan and section, surveying of land requirement, fixing land boundary pilllars, land acquisition proposals for issue of 4(i) & 6 (i) notification and preparation of detailed report etc.
During the visit, the following agreements and Memorandum of Understandings were signed: framework agreement on cooperation for development; protocol to the agreement concerning the demarcation of the land boundary between India and Bangladesh and related matters; addendum to the MOU between India and Bangladesh to facilitate overland transit traffic between Bangladesh and Nepal; MOU on renewable energy cooperation; MOU on Conservation of the Sunderban," said Krishna.