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Federal Land Bank

A bank that provides loans for agricultural or other rural use. Most loans from federal land banks are for commercial agriculture, but they also finance personal and recreational projects. Federal land banks form part of the Farm Credit System. See also: Farm Credit Act.

land bank

Land purchased and held for future development.

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They are: Non-tax revenues from land bank monetisation of public institutions, and full tax-exempt status for income from debt instruments issued by Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) in India.
Neighborhood revitalization continues in Highland Parks Avalon Village as the Michigan Land Bank has deeded seven properties to Shamayim Mama Shu Harris, the award-winning founder and CEO of Avalon Village.
Summary: This will create 200 million square feet land bank in the region
paragraph] Land banks now number more than 125, according to the Flint, Michigan-based Center for Community Progress, and have spread from their roots in the upper Midwest Rust Belt into the Plains states, the Southwest, the Northeast, the Northwest and the South.
This Government specialises in double standards, allowing the private sector to build up land banks but forcing councils to sell off pocket handkerchiefs of land so that the public sector has no silver left.
This Government specialises in double standards, one which allows the growing private sector to build up massive land banks - check out who owns former Coal Board land in the borough - but forces Councils to sell off pocket handkerchiefs of land so that the public sector has no silver left.
The houses, little more than a mile from downtown Philadelphia, are among an estimated 40,000 vacant, derelict or underused buildings and lots -- both publicly and privately owned -- that are candidates for the city's new Land Bank, an ambitious program that is the latest effort to clear up blighted neighborhoods.
Land banks have started shrinking Another National Capital Region- based real estate giant Parsvnath Developers is selling land banks, including its prime property on Kasturba Gandhi Marg.
It has suggested a provision for setting up land bank corporations to facilitate acquisition and disbursement of land for industrial use.
ISLAMABAD, July 23, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Land Banks are being established at Federal and Provincial levels to provide land for launching housing colonies all over the country for ensuring houses on reasonable rates to government employees .
The higher-than-expected price for McCarthy & Stone sparked the renewed interest and added another driver for merger activity in a sector already under pressure to increase land banks in the face of a sluggish planning system, and boost profits through economies of scale.
As I understand it, Westbury is not alone with brimming land banks.